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Five9 and TELUS International Announce Powerful CX Partnership

Ray Dean Headshot
Ray Dean Director of Channel Sales

There’s big news at Five9 today: TELUS International and Five9 just announced the launch of the TELUS International CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service). Their cloud-based platform utilizes the Five9 Intelligent CX Platform and offers mid and large-sized organizations intelligent routing capabilities, AI-driven insights, and advanced omnichannel support for fast and efficient resolutions.  

The strategic partnership between TELUS International and Five9 is an important development in the industry for three key reasons: 

  1. Five9 is a leading provider of CCaaS solutions, while our Gold partner TELUS International is a global customer experience (CX) outsourcer.

  1. The partnership gives Five9 customers access to TELUS International’s global network of contact centers and CX expertise. 

  1. The partnership gives TELUS International customers access to the innovative Five9 CCaaS platform. 

Here are a few examples of how the partnership can help our mutual customers deliver Joyful CX to their end customers:

  • Global reach and scale: TELUS International has a global network of contact centers in over 32 countries. This gives Five9 customers the ability to provide CX support to their customers in their native language and in their local time zone.

  • CX expertise: TELUS International has a deep understanding of CX best practices and a proven track record of delivering high-quality CX services. This expertise can help Five9 customers improve their CX and achieve their business goals.

  • Innovation: Five9 is a leader in CCaaS innovation. Our platform offers a wide range of features and functionality that can help customers improve their CX, including artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and analytics. Customers can also take advantage of TELUS International’s new FUEL iX, a next-generation customer experience solution fueled by GenAI - including digital consulting, data analytics, self-service applications, and AI-enabled platform integration.

  • Cost savings: The partnership can help Five9 customers save money on CX costs. TELUS International offers a variety of cost-effective CX solutions, and its global reach can help Five9 customers to prioritize their operational spending. 

  • Improved customer satisfaction: The partnership can help Five9 customers improve their customer satisfaction scores. TELUS International’s CX expertise and the innovative Five9 CCaaS platform can help companies deliver better CX to their end customers.

The partnership between Five9 and TELUS International is an important development for the CX market. It brings together two of the industry's leading players to offer customers a comprehensive solution for their customers’ CX needs. The partnership can help customers vastly improve their customer experience offering by providing excellent omnichannel support and AI-driven insights.

Both organizations are committed to keeping the relationship strong: TELUS International has trained almost 100 employees on the Five9 platform, while Five9 has a dedicated team of more than a dozen members intent on working together to improve the CX experience.  

Learn more about how TELUS International and Five9 are leveraging AI to deliver Joyful CX.  

Ray Dean Headshot
Ray Dean Director of Channel Sales

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