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Happy Five9 Day – Thank You's, Trust, and The Top 100

Happy Five9 Day from the team at Five9! On May 9th the team at Five9 celebrates our outstanding company, culture, and history. We also celebrate our wonderful customers. And to our customers - thank you for trusting Five9 to serve as the platform supporting your relationships with your customers on this day and every day.

When I started my career, customers usually made their buying decison based on two key factors - price or product. Since then, pricing has become more competitive and customers now consider other factors including customer service, experiences, and brand reputation. For me an important thing to consider is trust. I’ve always bought from people I trust and it’s also why I choose to be a loyal customer.

We decided to turn to the experts and ask customers why they are loyal Five9 customers. This is what they had to say:

“I have been working with the Five9 platform many years and rarely is there any downtime. With 30,000 calls coming into our center every month it is one of the most reliable dialers on the market.  You can put your trust in Five9.”

--Doug Eden, CRM/Dialer Administrator, Palm Healthcare

“NexRep is one of the largest at home US-based call centers in the world. We completely rely on Five9 to power this entire network of 1000+ workers.”

--Teddy Liaw, CEO, NexRep

“Making sure customers are happy is really the main priority. I don't want to get calls in the middle of the night from our customers, so making sure that the system is up and running all times is critical. With Five9, I sleep pretty well.” 

--Chittaranjan Desai, Director of Central Applications and Support, Siemens 

“I have only been working with Five9 for just under a year, but in that time, I have grown to appreciate the complexity of their devotion to their customers and also the solid partnership of helping one another grow. Five9’s services and vastly knowledgeable staff have helped me tremendously, and I couldn’t thank them enough for not only my academic experience, but also my professional growth in this partnership.”

--Cody Bennett, IT Analyst / Document Management, BSI Financial

But it’s not only customers that say Five9 is trustworthy. In April 2017, Five9 was recognized by Forbes for being one of The Top 100 Trustworthy Companies in America. Each year, Forbes takes a look at the companies that are the most trustworthy based on accounting and governance practices. This is the very first time Five9 was listed on Forbe’s Top 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America

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