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Five9 Delivers Voice Notification to ServiceNow Proactive Customer Service Operations

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Jay Gorsegner Manager, Solution Consulting

The Five9 Ecosystem consists of a wide variety of partners that’s main mission is to create better experiences for our joint customers. Five9’s strong partnership with ServiceNow and our integration with their ITSM and CSM platforms helps deliver this improved experience. Business continuity is a priority as we return to the office, which is why we have worked jointly with ServiceNow to provide a proactive system for notification to ensure business longevity.

Let me take you through what our solution does for you. Let's say your systems are impacted by an outage. The need to be proactively notified and promptly react to the outage is critical to minimizing customer frustration and driving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The ServiceNow platform can identify when a system experiences a problem and leverage its powerful workflow capabilities to determine the severity of the problem and proactively alert the appropriate personnel that customers have been affected. In situations where customers need to be notified, a major case can be opened in the ServiceNow platform and it’s workflow can create associated cases and identify a list of contacts that need to be notified via either a voice or SMS message. Five9 sends these notifications based on the predetermined communication method stored in the customer’s ServiceNow record.

In the case of voice notifications, Five9’s robust outbound notification capabilities provides the flexibility to interact with customers in whatever manner is appropriate to meet your business needs. 

Five9 can be configured to:

1.) Play a message with details about the problem personalized with data that Five9 collects from ServiceNow

2.) Provide an option for self-service or to collect more information from the customer

3.) Offer the caller the option to connect to an agent

4.) Immediately connect directly with an agent

In outage situations, it is also critical for organizations to have the appropriate resources available to handle the potential influx of calls. Customer frustration will increase if an offer is made to speak to someone and there are no resources available or hold times are exceedingly long. To address this, Five9 provides contact centers with the ability to automatically adjust resources in anticipation of increased call volume associated with the outage.

Five9 Workflow Automation can recognize that a major case has been opened in ServiceNow and automatically reskill agents or add additional agents to specific skill groups to ensure that there are resources available to help handle the expected increase in call volume. In the cases where agent assistance is needed, Five9 will deliver the appropriate ServiceNow screen with complete case details to the agent so the agent can immediately know who they are talking to and details of why they are calling.

The power of ServiceNow lies in the ability to identify problems with internal applications and systems and manage the lifecycle of solving the problem including determining when notifications are necessary and who should receive those notifications. Five9 is the only contact center provider able to leverage the data from ServiceNow and proactively reach out to the customers that are affected, offer customized messages, and offer the option to speak with an agent, all while ensuring that there are enough resources available to handle an increase in volume to the contact center.

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Jay Gorsegner Manager, Solution Consulting

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