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Five9 Knows Business Continuity: Disaster Proof your Contact Center

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Erin Wilson Dir., Technical Marketing

Floods, power outages, transport strikes, pandemics...there are so many factors outside of our control that actively impact the way we travel, interact, and work.  

Unfortunately, these “occurrences” seem to be happening with much greater frequency, and it may be time to admit that the “new normal” will bring with it a fair amount of uncertainty.  

So how can you, a business leader, disaster proof your contact center operations?  

How can you empower your team to work from an office one week, home the next, then toss customer interactions to agents in another state or even country the month after that – all while maintaining security, compliance, productivity, and customer satisfaction levels? 

Well, today we’ll explore just that.  

Consider Val, a vice president of Customer Experience who has been working with IT to get the support and sales teams laptops to work from home. Everything was going well until she got a call from Tim, the compliance officer.  

Tim started rattling off all sorts of acronyms like PCI, HIPAA, and SRTP; he demanded to know Val’s strategy for compliance, and he wanted to know yesterday.  

Meanwhile, IT informed her that they don’t have bandwidth to manage any additional business applications for her team, so anything she chooses to purchase to streamline contact center operations will have to be supported and administered by the business units themselves.  

And as if that wasn’t enough, the head of customer support called to share their fears about agent engagement and productivity as agents transition to working from home.  

How was Val going to manage all that while still delivering the exceptional customer experience her company was known for? 

While venting her concerns to some former colleagues, Val learned how Five9 delivered for one of her peers – in under 48 hours, no less; Val couldn’t wait to explore the Five9 solution.  

You see, Five9 has been doing cloud contact centers from day 1. That's over 20 years now. We’re a financially stable, publicly traded company (NASDAQ: FIVN) that’s renowned for our support and ability to execute.  

Five9 is PCI level one certified and delivers our solution to agents anywhere through an easy-to-use interface. 

For payment capture, Val can choose from our Secure Payment Capture product that, by removing the agent from the audio path all together, actually takes the agent’s laptop out of PCI scope.  

And Five9 WFO which can automatically stop recording the screen as agents enter sensitive information so compliance doesn’t need to worry about protected data, patient related or otherwise, making it into the call recordings.  

Naturally, call recordings are encrypted in transit, and at rest because Five9 takes security very seriously.  

Our procedures and practices are modeled after ISO standards, we’re a member of the Cloud Security Alliance, sport a SOCType 2 Attestation, comply with GDPR and CCPA, are a PCI DSS level one service provider, and are fully HIPPA compliant.   

Even the voice path can be secured with STRP. 

And speaking of voice, Five9 is a carrier registered with the FCC. We partner with dozens of other carriers, domestically and internationally, to deliver high-quality voice services. As a RespORG, we register your toll-free numbers with multiple providers to ensure you have the most resilient telecom experience possible.  

Visiting, you’ll see that Five9 delivers incredible uptime and that’s due to the maturity of our platform and our network.  

But what about the agents? How can Val assure her constituents that a shift to the Five9 platform will help her teams maintain – or even exceed – the types of service levels, agent engagement, and satisfaction scores they have today? 

Customers of Five9 hold their teams accountable by providing real time visibility into their performance, keep agents engaged with gamification, reward the type of behavior they expect, use speech analytics to identify conversations that aren’t up to their standards, allow their quality assurance teams to focus where it matters, and listen to the voice of customer to continually refine processes. 

Five9 customers have reported increased productivity since switching their agents to a work from home model, and – when implemented thoughtfully, with the care and guidance of Five9 – you can too.  

At the end of the day, Five9 will keep you compliant, protect you from costly fines, create better efficiencies, and better engage your workforce. Regardless of where your agents are located.  

So, are you ready to learn more about moving to the cloud, mobilizing your remote workforce, and disaster proofing your business? If so, read our white paper, Keep Your Customer Service Up When the World Goes Down. 

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Erin Wilson Dir., Technical Marketing

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