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Five9 Knows Compliance: How the Cloud Helps you Shore-Up Practices and Secure Customer Data

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Erin Wilson Dir., Technical Marketing

If only life came with one of those Monopoly “get out of jail” free cards. Then we wouldn’t have to worry so much about things like compliance. Because, when you’re trying to improve the customer experience...who has time to keep up with all these acronyms anyway?  


It’s enough to make your head spin.  

But on the flip side, these compliance guidelines keep us safe. They help you build trust with your customers, maintain faith in your service providers, and ultimately keep you out of jail.  

Since, hopefully, we can agree federal fines and distrustful customers will hinder business, let’s explore how today’s leading companies – large and small – leverage the Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center to reduce stress, eliminate fines, and remain compliant.  

Consider Ming.  

Imagine Ming is a contact center VP who’s, frankly, a bit stressed out. She just received her team’s first ever compliance audit and the results are concerning. Ming knew her existing contact center platform hadn’t been updated recently, and that the previous team may have cut some corners, but she wasn’t expecting such a large list of red flags.  

Luckily, Ming was already in the market for something new and was actively in talks with Five9. She shared her hit list with the Five9 sales team, and they showed her how easy Five9 makes it to become compliant.  

First, with her agents, Ming learned how Five9 secure payment capture removes the agent’s machine from PCI scope by completely isolating the customer’s voice path during the payment process. Her agents simply invoke the connector inside of their agent desktop, enter some information about the intended purchase, and Five9 takes it from there. Customers are guided through a friendly Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA), and AI-powered self-service application that securely captures the payment information, relays it to Ming’s company’s payment processor, and displays the success message back to the agent as the customer comes back on the line. Activity can even be memorialized into the CRM automatically, further reducing the effort and potential errors of the interaction.  

But before these agents can capture the payment, Ming’s team needs to make outbound sales calls, and Five9 makes it easy for her to stay TCPA compliant. For those prospects who haven’t opted into automated calling, Ming utilizes a Five9 Manual Touch Mode TCPA compliant domain where automated dialing features don’t exist so she can have her team call customers without fear.  

Ming also chose to utilize a pre-integrated third-party service to help automate the sorting of her lists. These partners help ensure the numbers her team dials aren’t on the national do not call registry nor are professional litigators. This keeps her safe, and her team productive.  

Ming’s leadership team likes to coach and train their team using screen capturing. Not only can they do so in real time right from within the supervisor desktop, but their whole quality program is managed in a HIPAA-compliant way. Screens will automatically redact recording, go lights-out, when agents are in sensitive fields or collecting personal health or otherwise sensitive information.  

Finally, supervisors can respect the wishes of their customers who wish to be forgotten, in compliance with GDPR and CCPA right from within their desktop. This helps Ming’s team keep focus on customers who are engaging and active. 

Ming understands that, between the Five9 SOC2, STIR/SHAKEN, and HIPAA attestations, combined with a willingness to sign a business associate agreement, and the transparency we offer at, partnering with Five9 would make her next audit go much more smoothly than the last one. This is precisely why she selected Five9 as her contact center vendor for the future.  

By making the switch to Five9, Ming successfully 

  • Captured payments in a PCI compliant way 

  • Reached more customers using TCPA compliant dialing and the TCPA MTM domain 

  • Protected her business by automatically double-checking phone numbers 

  • Invested in a quality program that protects sensitive information automatically  

  • Respected customers’ rights under GDPR and CCPA  

  • Achieved HIPAA compliance with a BAA  

...and let out a sigh of relief knowing Five9 has her back with all the practices, procedures, and audits her legal team requires.

Five9 knows compliance. 

Our team of experts helps customers like Ming shore up their practices, implement compliant workflows, and secure their customer’s data every day.  

Let’s toss that Monopoly card aside once and for all and adopt a more compliant future today. 

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Erin Wilson Dir., Technical Marketing

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