Global Scale Vs. Product Velocity: Not an OR but an AND for Five9 CCaaS

At a time when the contact center has become the front door for many businesses, Five9 is helping our customers meet new service demands and provide the excellent experiences that consumers have come to expect. We have completed a re-architecture, doubling down on our commitment to public cloud with a major investment in our underlying hyperscale architecture.  

The Five9 Hyperscale Architecture delivers increased resiliency and global scalability while supporting the rapid release of new product features. These ongoing enhancements are designed to help enterprises reimagine their customer experience in a more iterative way. Being able to both incrementally improve and in some cases rethink customer experience is critical in today’s post-pandemic service landscape. 

As a result of the re-architecture, Five9 can more rapidly deploy new innovations to its installed base and to new customers. The Five9 DevOps process and supporting infrastructure has gained “Elite” status as set out by Google’s DevOps Research and Assessment (DORA)  framework. This means that Five9 is able to deliver innovation faster than ever before and be more responsive to the needs of the market while leveraging best-in-class CI/CD release methodologies. 

Five9 also leverages the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), which allows delivery of services to customers in their locally preferred data center, such as in Canada or Europe. The GCP instances augment the Five9 owned Data Centers located in the United States and Europe. Five9 continues to expand its international presence with added capabilities for UX localization and language support for Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish and Japanese. These enhancements support the company’s growing global footprint in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Expansion into the Asia Pacific region has been aided by the acquisition of Inference Solutions in late 2020 whose R&D team are based primarily in Melbourne, Australia.  

We used this hyperscale architecture to deploy 160 new capabilities with our spring 2021 release. This latest release of the Five9 platform includes enhancements that help enterprises increase business agility and scale their live and digital workforces with AI, automation and analytics.  

  • Five9 Agent Assist now supports knowledge base integration and real-time guidance in addition to its AI-powered, real-time call transcription and summarization capabilities. As an early adopter of Agent Assist, mobile virtual network operator TruConnect has realized a 30-second per call reduction in overall handle time in just three months as a result of automated notetaking and call summaries. TruConnect is expecting to shave 30 seconds off every support call and see 7.5% savings within its first year using the application.  

  • Five9 Workflow Automation (WFA) net new capabilities have been added to Five9 WFA including multi-user access, expanded import – export for sharing automation configurations, and deployment availability throughout all of Europe.  

  • Digital Engagement enhancements include added support for Five9 Native SMS and WhatsApp messaging, allowing businesses to meet the needs of digital-first consumers. 

Five9 has also upgraded its early warning triggers and added additional service recovery features like rapid geo-redundancy moves and tracking tools for the Network Operations Center. These capabilities have all been designed to help reduce mean time to detect (MTTD), improve the mean time to resolution (MTTR) and ultimately enable full observability and clear customer communication.  

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