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Join Five9 at Customer Contact Week 2022  

Kevork Hill
Kevork Hill Five9 Content Strategy Intern

We’re headed to Vegas for Customer Contact Week. Starting Monday, June 20 and running through the 23rd, Five9 will be there with all sorts of cool stuff to share. Customer Contact Week is an amazing opportunity for companies to grow and improve their customer service. Here is a quick rundown of everything to expect from Five9 at CCW.   

The week gets off to a blazing start (it is Las Vegas, after all) as Monday focuses on the featuring CCWomen Summit leaders who have helped pioneer the contact center and CX industry. The program starts at 9 a.m. PT. Catch Five9 CMO Genefa Murphy as she leads the Speed Dating: Peer-to-Peer Networking session from 11:35 a.m.– noon p.m.  

On Tuesday, we look forward to networking and celebrating with our fellow CCW Awards nominees.   Five9 is proud to be a Workforce Innovation of the Year Finalist. Winners will be announced at the awards Gala on June 21. 

Let’s Get Down to Business   

After you get settled, it’s time to get to business, and the Five9 pavilion is where it’s all happening on Wednesday and Thursday. We’ll be presenting a wide variety of opportunities for you to join. Come on over to our space in the Expo Hall to talk to our experts and get custom demos of solutions designed to help you boost your customer relationships.   

We have a full slate of theater solutions where you can learn about our solutions as well as those from some of our partners. And our in-pavilion broadcasting experience has a wonderful list of interviews including industry experts, thought leaders and agents of change. Along with these pioneers, some of our key partners and customers will be sharing their experiences using Five9 solutions.   

Take the opportunity to schedule a meeting with our team. You can use the time to have a more targeted conversation with a Five9 subject matter expert, who can share ideas on how we can help you further your business. Our goal at Five9 is to support you and the direction you want to take.   

We’ll also be holding breakout sessions, at which you can educate yourself in specific areas of interest.  

Where the Fun Happens   

At Five9 we strive to provide the most up-to-date and efficient solutions to help you reimagine your customer experience. In doing so we enjoy having some fun along the way.  

Come to the pavilion to refuel your tank at our Five9 Cafe. Chat with Mambo, our Intelligent Virtual Barista to order your drink of choice (and experience our Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent technology firsthand). Drop by the booth to pick up your espresso (or other tasty beverage) and you’ll be back on track.   

 For more fun and games, make sure to get involved with the Five9 Partner Passport to Prizes. There will be thousands of dollars worth of prizes going out to the lucky winner. Your chances are great, and it’s easy to play!   

Visit the Five9 Stage   

On the last two days of CCW, our powerful cohort of Five9 speakers will share the many ways we can help your customer experience jump to the next level.  Here’s a timeline of when it’s all taking place on the Five9 Stage:   

Wednesday, June 22 

11:00 a.m.: How to Boost Employee Engagement and Improve Retention Through Active Listening  
Join us for a panel discussion moderated by ABC News Chief Business, Technology, and Economics Correspondent Rebecca Jarvis and featuring Juanita Coley from Solid Rock Consulting, Shana Kelley from DICK’s Sporting Goods, and Chrissy Cowell, Five9 Senior Director, Product Management. 

Noon: Imagine the Future of Digital-first Customer Experiences   
Hear from Five9 AI and Automation Sales Director Cliff Haas and Senior Product Marketing Manager Brian Spraetz to learn how to evolve your CX with digital-first channels.  

2:45 p.m.: Improvement Starts from Within: Using Practical AI to Drive Results  
Join Five9 EVP of Product Management Callan Schebella to explore how practical AI can help you improve your CX and supercharge your workforce.   

Thursday, June 23  

Noon: 3 Strategies for Illuminating the Dark Data in Your Contact Center  
Five9 Director of Technical Marketing Erin Wilson will discuss the actionable insights hidden in the mountains fo data you're collecting in your contact center. 

We hope to see you at the event, and please check out on Twitter, where we’ll be capturing some of the fun and insights along the way. Viva CCW!  

Kevork Hill
Kevork Hill Five9 Content Strategy Intern

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