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New Certified Integrated Network Partner Program

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Maurice Da Silva VP Strategic Partner Development

First, we introduced our partner enablement strategy designed to Align, Empower, Amplify, and Accelerate. 

Then we showed you how we are scaling new heights with our partners. 

Now we get to tell you about even more goodness… 

Five9 is in the process of rolling out a series of new Partner Certification Programs! These programs – and the accompanying partner badges that signify certification – will demonstrate to customers that our partners have met certification requirements across varying sales and service specializations. These specializations cover areas such as implementation services and network integration capability. It is these services, coupled with the Five9 solution, that ultimately drive value for end customers. 

Our diverse ecosystem of partners features a blend of offerings. While our solution set includes a rich mix of API-based, solution-level integration, we understand that the market demands an equally rich mix of network integrated service offerings to enable seamless operation with our CCaaS solution set. Many of our customers want to consume multiple offerings from one provider seamlessly, and some of our global and regional partners that provide network services help to bridge that gap. 

As our service provider partner ecosystem grew, we recognized the need to provide a standardized set of guidelines to provide the structure needed to ensure a frictionless customer experience. 

And that is how the Certified Integrated Network Partner Program (CINP) was born!   

What is the CINP?  

  • The program consists of a set of defined standards for partners in areas across technology, regulatory, and business operations to ensure optimal integration and operation with Five9 solutions. 

  • The program defines interlock in the above areas and provides benefits to certified partners that in turn are beneficial to customers. 

It is based on four key pillars: 

  1. Regulatory elements 

  1. Infrastructure requirements 

  1. GTM (Go-to-Market) alignment 

  1. Operational interlock 

We recognize that customers demand choices when it comes to selecting cloud-based services. Those choices can include what network, what provider and what elements they desire. The CINP designation lets customers instantly recognize a certified service provider partner, giving them freedom of choice along with peace of mind. 

In the coming months, we look forward to introducing additional certification programs for Five9 partners.  

To connect with, or learn more about becoming a CINP partner, please contact 

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Maurice Da Silva VP Strategic Partner Development

Call 1-800-553-8159 to learn more about Five9