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Next-Gen AI Summaries: Customization with Five9 GenAI Studio

Minh Bui
Minh Bui Senior Product Management Director

AI Summaries: The Beginning

In 2023, Large Language Models (LLMs) did not just nudge AI into the spotlight; it catapulted it there. What is truly valuable about LLMs is how they simplify the complexity of AI for the average person. In essence, LLMs bridge the gap between sophisticated technology and everyday users by humanizing interactions.  

For those of us in the contact center realm, the application of LLMs is limitless. According to a Metrigy Report – “Many IT/CX/business leaders recognize the great potential GenAI holds for ushering in dramatic improvements in the agent and customer experiences; in general, nearly 90% of companies are already using GenAI or planning to adopt in 2024 for customer-related activities.” 

One of the first use cases is the tedious task of writing call summaries. On average, an agent spends 1-2 minutes on after-call work (ACW); if we can cut it down even by half, then the ROI is obvious: time saved and improved agent’s satisfaction for not having to do the mundane task. So, as part of our Agent Assist portfolio, we released generative AI (GenAI) powered Five9 AI Summaries in March 2023.

As our AI Summaries product started making waves, we began to see patterns in the feedback from our customers. 

Some were straightforward tweaks to the summary output.

  • Produce a more concise summary.

  • Ensure the summary output is gender-neutral.

  • Remove selected PII information from the summary.

While others were more nuanced, requiring more structure and specificity.

  • Extract entities (e.g., customer information, product mentioned, etc.).

  • Extract information in a structured format (e.g., reason for calls, actions taken, results, next steps).

  • Leverage summary for agent QM purposes (e.g., did the agent say certain things during a call).

Initially, it seemed like these diverse requests could be managed through standardized summary templates for the top contact use cases. However, it quickly became evident that even with templates, our customers sought deeper customization options to align summary with their unique business needs.

Customization through Five9 GenAI Studio

Enter Five9 GenAI Studio, our game-changing solution that empowers you to tailor summaries exactly to your business needs. GenAI Studio is an industry-first, enterprise-ready solution that offers click-and-customize general-purpose generative AI for the contact center. It is a user-friendly, low-code generative AI model and prompt management hub, powering all Five9 AI applications, including AI Summaries. 

It is as if we handed you the keys to the kingdom, allowing you to command the GenAI to produce precisely what you envision. The process is simple: 

  1. Create your customized instruction (i.e., prompt) in GenAI Studio.

  1. Evaluate it against actual transcripts from your contact center and refine it as needed.

  1. Upon your satisfaction, deploy it within Agent Assist; that will be the summary of all your calls!

The summary feature requests mentioned above (and MORE) are now possible simply by typing a few words!

  • Example: A more concise summary

  • Example: Structured summary with key topics (reason for call, action taken, and result)

Think Beyond Summary and Reducing ACW

However, treating custom summary merely to replace agent notes and reduce after-call work time overlooks the broader potential of this feature. This functionality grants business users and administrators unparalleled flexibility, while significantly amplifying the capabilities of agents across various dimensions.

  • Next level “no code / low code,” making sophisticated AI functionalities accessible to anyone who can type.

  • Ability to consistently extract and transform content at scale in seconds (e.g., entity sentiment exaction, summarization, draft a recap email, etc.). 

  • Example: instead of producing a traditional call wrap-up note, create a recap email the agent can send to the caller.

  • Capabilities beyond the average agent. Yes, your best-performing agent might be able to produce something comparable, but can they do it in seconds? What about the average agent or the new hire who just started a few days ago? 

  • Example: Take a Spanish call and summarize it in English or your preferred language.

As we look forward to the next phase of Agent Assist, we invite you to explore the transformative potential of GenAI Studio. Whether you want to streamline your call center operations, enhance customer service, or unlock new insights from your data, the future of AI Summaries is here to elevate your contact center to new heights. Welcome to the next level of efficiency and customization! To see the product live in action, watch the demo.  

Minh Bui
Minh Bui Senior Product Management Director

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