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Contact centers are highly dynamic environments where customers are reaching out across multiple channels and agents are working to provide exceptional service experiences. It’s a delicate balancing act that constantly changes. Sometimes contact volumes exceed agent capacity, while other times you have more agents than needed. Smooth out these operational speed bumps and make your contact center a finely tuned customer experience machine.

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Forecast Demand and Accurately Schedule Your Contact Center Resources

Five9 Workforce Management (WFM) helps you strike the perfect balance between customer satisfaction and contact center efficiency. Accurately align agent resources with contact volumes throughout the day with a powerful set of workforce management tools. Keep customers happy and agents engaged by ensuring the right number of agents with the right skills are always available.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences and Keep Agents Engaged

Accurate contact volume forecasts form a solid foundation for optimal staffing. Create multi skill, multichannel forecasts easily and quickly.

Schedule agents automatically based on preferences or let them bid on schedules. Either way your staffing plans are optimized to achieve your service goals and minimize labor costs.

Track agent schedule adherence over time or in real time to help them stay focused on working together as a team to take care of customers.
Ensure your staffing plans keep aligned with what’s happening as events unfold. If adjustments are needed it’s easy to make changes and keep agents informed.
Empower agents to take control of their workday with easy self-service tools to see their schedules and make adjustments.
Extend agent self-service features to mobile devices so they can keep in touch no matter where they are.
Embed WFM within your CRM user interface and extend WFM functionality to CRM digital channels.

Due to the pandemic in 2020, RoundPoint created a specific COVID-19 support page, receiving tens of thousands of interactions through Five9 Visual IVR, and set up between 48,000 and 55,000 forbearance plans in just one month.

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Jackson Hewitt Tax Services, Inc. was having challenges accurately forecasting staffing needs and keeping their agents on schedule. Learn how Five9 Workforce Management helped evolve their workforce management capabilities and provide consistently exceptional experiences.

Jackson Hewitt Tax Services, Inc.

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