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Staff Work At-Home Agents for your Call Center Worldwide

Over the years, call centers have consistently struggled to improve agent satisfaction and reduce agent attrition because it results in higher operational and training costs and diminishes the quality of the customer experience. Due to the increased adoption of VoIP, virtual call center technology, and outsourced call centers, and in the interest of reducing the commuting costs and ecological impact of an in-house workforce, companies have recognized that staffing professional at-home agents can offer lower operational costs, provide more rewarding call center agent and customer experiences, and ultimately lead to improved employee retention rates. With a remote workforce, companies can serve their customers in an effective way and save money on their payroll at the same time!

Increase Employee Retention Rates

Increase Employee Retention Rates

As time moves on and technology advances, companies have realized that staffing remote agents can reduce operational costs and ecological impact, and can provide more rewarding experiences for both the agents and the customers.

Agents Anywhere

Agents Anywhere

Agents can work from anywhere in the world so long as they have an Internet connection and a USB headset. Similarly, supervisors can monitor calls from anywhere, and can view real-time performance and statuses.

Agents Anywhere with a Work From Home Call Center

The Five9 work-from-home call center agent application is entirely browser-based. Consequently, as long as they have an Internet connection and a USB headset, work-at-home call center agents can log into the system from anywhere in the world. Management and supervisors can easily monitor every remote call center agent through the cloud as effectively as if they were in the same building. They can monitor agents by listening to recordings and live phone calls. In addition, they can view their real-time performance as well as their status and send messages to work-from-home agents individually or broadcast to them in groups. In short, each remote agent is easily overseen by their employer.

By incorporating work-from-home agents into your workforce, you can expect lower call center costs and improved employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention. Not surprisingly, your customers will enjoy a better call center experience whenever they speak to a skilled remote agent. This flexible workforce arrangement, supported by Five9 technology, means your customers will enjoy a better call center experience.

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