2013 Contact Center Report

Today’s modern consumers have incredibly high customer service expectations. And, if those expectations are not met, consumers not only stop doing business with a company, they become enraged and retaliate.


At Five9 we worked with Harris Interactive on a study; we asked more than 3,000 US adults about their customer service expectations and how they feel and behave if those expectations are not met. The data proved to be very interesting

  • When consumers have an important customer service need, 70% will first call a company on the phone for help

There are several triggers that cause consumers to become violent, enraged, or very frustrated when they call a company for customer service, these include:

  • Speaking with a rude customer service representative (60%)
  • Not reaching a live person when calling a company for support (48%)
  • Getting disconnected (44%)
  • Explaining their issue more than once (40%)
  • 85% of consumers will retaliate, in some way, against a company if their customer service needs are not met
  • 74% of consumers said they would be more forgiving when a company couldn’t resolve their problem over the phone if the agent they were speaking with was respectful

These are just some highlights from the research; you can download the full Five9 2013 Contact Center Report here.

View a presentation of the results here.

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