4 Ways Cloud Technology Helps Contact Centers Leverage Quality Talent, Anywhere

4 Ways Cloud Technology Helps Contact Centers Leverage Quality Talent, Anywhere

Great agents are everywhere. Well, almost. And that's important, because, not long ago, the only good candidate was a local one. Contact centers were places where agents came to work--the work couldn't come to them.

Today, technology advances have changed all that, and you can recruit and onboard agents located just about anywhere in the world. This is particularly helpful if you need agents with specific expertise that might not be common within commuting distance to your office.

When it comes to staffing with remote agents, your contact center infrastructure can be enabling--or limiting. Cloud solutions are the obvious choice for contact centers that want to leverage the best talent, no matter where it's to be found. Why?

  1. Minimal equipment. 

    With cloud contact center software, all your agent (remote or on-site) needs is a headset, a PC and an Internet connection.

  2. Fast start. 

    Provisioning a new agent can take just minutes, and modern cloud contact center software is easy for agents to navigate, learn and use--so they're up to speed quickly and easily.

  3. Easy training and coaching.

    Good cloud contact center solutions let you monitor agent activity and listen in on and record calls. Coaching tools are available too, so even far-away agents get the help and guidance they need.

  4. Confirming performance. 

    With cloud contact center software, supervisors and managers can track agent and campaign metrics with ease - so you can ensure your new hires (and veterans) are performing as wonderfully as you hoped.

With the right practices, cloud contact center solutions can help you enjoy the benefits of "agents anywhere."

To learn how to leverage cloud technology for your remote workforce, click here.

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