5 Ways to Boost the Fun Factor in Your Contact Center

Just about everyone agrees: employees that feel rewarded tend to be more productive and more effective in their roles--and they're less likely to depart for greener-looking pastures.

Here are a few ideas for livening things up in your contact center, inspired by the motivation and teamwork of the experts at CSWeek.com:

  1. Have an Oscars celebration. Solicit praise for every team member, from every team member. Compile all the compliments into an Award Certificate and Trophy for everyone, then present them in an awards-ceremony setting. Add a movie trivia contest and you're all set. Fun to plan, fun to watch.
  2. Armchair Tourist World Tour. Visit a different "world capital" each day for a week, using goodie bags and themed meals to set the tone. You may not leave the building, but the travel theme will have everyone smiling.
  3. Plan a community service event. Sponsor a fundraising walk, hold a grilling competition or chili cook-off, or spend a clean-up day at a park. Get lots of pictures and display them prominently back at the office.
  4. Get festive. Plan a single or multi-day themed experience--just about any theme will do. Safari? Tropical paradise? Mountain-climbing? Paris? Flower Power? Pick a theme, then make your plans: group meals (lunch with the giraffes, breakfast by the Seine)... dress-up day (Hawaiian shirts, explorer garb, tie-die tops)... you get the idea. This doesn't have to be a lot of work; engage your team members to help you put it together--that'll be fun, too.
  5. Host a game show. Put together a Wheel of Fortune or Let's Make a Deal themed event. People love these games, even if their grand prize convertible is just a scale model.

Making your agents' jobs rewarding pays big dividends -- in agent retention, effectiveness and productivity -- So be sure to keep the fun factor in mind at all times.

For more tips on keeping the fun factor alive, check out chapter 5 of the Agent Efficiency eBook, "Throw a party for your agents--every day."

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