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Continuing the Conversation in 2020

We just aired episode 32 of our Five9 podcast series – That’s Genius.  As a medium for hosting great conversations, nothing could be better or easier.

Firstly, thank you to our guests and to all our listeners. Our audience is growing all the time!! 

Interestingly, we have covered everything from cloud, AI, corporate culture, what the partner ecosystem is thinking, how Europe differs from North America, what it was like to be a summer intern at Five9!  And, did I mention too that the biggest conversations have been around the customer experience and what the future of the contact center will look like?  We have spoken with industry icons, media, analysts, our partners and our Five9 leadership team.

It is amazing how quickly you forget about the technology and just simply have a great conversation with someone for 15 to 20 minutes and then you can listen to them anytime or anywhere on demand.  So, to check out our episodes simply follow this link to the iTunes podcast platform or look for That’s Genius at your favorite podcast platform. You can even find them on our website.

During 2020 we will continue to explore the importance of the contact center in providing a more human experience and how technologies like AI will help empower this.  This podcast series is dedicated to all practitioners that are committed to providing great customer service to their customers.  As we all know today’s consumers have heightened customer service expectations and they also have voice and choice.  A voice through the various social media platforms, and choice to switch – in essence a company is now only as good as their last interaction with their customer.

As host of the podcast series, I am always on the lookout for a hot topic, an industry trend or the next book that I should add to my library to help with my research.

So, a call out to our listeners and those that are interested in all things contact center, AI and customer experience - what is one topic or question would you like me to cover in an upcoming episode during 2020?  Is there an industry leader or expert that you would like me to have as a guest?    

We will also host a few Ask Me Anything podcasts with Rowan Trollope, Five9 CEO, and Jonathan Rosenberg, our CTO and Head of AI and industry icon. So again, if you have a question for either of them drop me a note on Twitter.

Would love to get your thoughts as we continue to evolve the podcast series to deliver what you want, as our listener.

And as I say every week, thanks for listening to this episode of That’s Genius, until next time I’m Michael Rose…

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