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Michael Rose

[LIVE WEBINAR] 5 Contact Center Predictions That Will Impact 2020

As 2019 draws to an end, it is evident that consumers are demanding better customer service than ever before.

Continuing the Conversation in 2020

During 2020 we will continue to explore the importance of the contact center in providing a more human experience and how technologies like AI will help empower this. This podcast series is dedicated to all practitioners that are committed to providing great customer service to their customers.

CX in the City

Are there differing CX expectations from those who live in the city versus those that are in the suburbs or rural areas? Do customers really have different expectations based on where they are and live?

Does CX Really Matter?

I spoke a few weeks ago at CCW2019 in Berlin about “The Voice of the Customer.” In essence, we discussed if CX is still important and how should organizations strive to continuously improve their customer experience offerings from their call centers, and how it measuring up towards today’s customer expectations.

Five9 CMO Ryan Kam on theCUBE

Five9 CMO, Ryan Kam, shared his thoughts on zero distance from your customers, the heart of businesses and the evolving landscape of technology. Today, we are recapping his interview with the hosts, Lisa Martin and Stu Miniman, on theCUBE. Here are the highlights:

Five9 CX Summit: Explore the Future of the Contact Center

As consumers expectations are constantly changing, how do companies prepare to meet their customers’ ever evolving needs? What are the latest trends in customer experience and how can companies use this information to enhance their contact center?

Jonathan Rosenberg: How AI Impacts the Contact Center

Recently, Jonathan sat down with John Furrier, Co-CEO at theCUBE, to discuss his move to Five9, the cloud, and the future of the contact center. Below Jonathan shares what AI means for the contact center:

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