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Answers to the AI Questions You've Been Too Afraid to Ask [Part 2]

By Mayur Anadkat, VP Product Marketing

In case you missed it, here is Part 1.

What can AI do for me?

What can AI do? What can't it do? AI today falls into a sort-of catchall. Truthfully, AI is in a blank slate mode. The programs today can reach almost child like cognition and engage in tasks that are somewhat complex (but maybe not overtly creative).

If you're looking at AI for your business, think basics.

When you were a kid, did you ever dream of having a robot? In that dream, what was your robot doing? Probably picking up clothes, mowing the lawn, making you meals - all the chores you hated doing on your own.

That is what current AI is setup for - chore removal.

Businesses want to save time and money. Data collection, data entry and data sorting/translation tend to fall in the "necessary evil" world of business. The tasks require time, man power and money, but doesn't often entail a lot of abstract thought. It's a computational task that requires slightly more than calculator-like ability.

Platforms like Salesforce Einstein, IBM Watson and Microsoft AI are setup for developers to make these chore bots. If used properly, they can reduce the overhead associated with administrative tasks.

Is AI expensive?

Consider this: If you work in sales, how much time do you spend setting up dial lists, determining who to call first (based on value), manually dialing prospects, looking up prospect information to understand their needs, creating a post call report, etc.? What if your focus could just be selling? Do you think you'd sell more?

The short answer to "Is it expensive?" is yes. But when you consider the value (added profit + time saved - cost), it would be irresponsible not to consider it.

What will AI become?

AI promises to improve for years to come. As with all technology, it will be used to simplify our lives and hasten our productivity. AI isn't going to completely replace the company workforce, but it will certainly transform and redefine roles. As the technology continues to take form, companies will adjust their work models. Ideally, the AI will free up more strategic roles in business and reduce basic button-pushing tasks.


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