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Mayur Anadkat

How Are You Going to Align Customer Experience With Your Business Strategy in 2017?

Customer experience has become the benchmark for business, have you thought about how you will align it with your business strategy?

Customer Journeys Have a Starting Point, But Not an Ending Point

Netflix users, don’t you love when you sign on to your account and see a list of suggested shows to watch? For me, the shows are always right in line with what I enjoy watching.

Five9 Launches Summer Release 2017, Major Release for Global Enterprises

Cloud platforms with modern architecture enable companies to embrace digital transformation and provide holistic views of end-to-end customer journeys across all touchpoints.

Private Twitter Messages Won't Eliminate the Contact Center

Imagine you’ve just purchased a brand new coffee maker and you can’t wait to start brewing a fresh pot. When trying to set it up, you realize a crucial part is missing from the box. You reach for your phone and tweet at the company right away because they should know your dissatisfaction.

3 Reasons Why Customer Satisfaction Starts With The Agent Experience

As a contact center manager, you’re always seeking to balance two separate factors: You want your agents to provide a superior customer experience, and you want them to perform as cost-effectively as possible. With these twin goals in mind, you probably monitor such metrics as first-call resolution and average call handling time. The fact is, however, that the most important basis for both customer satisfaction (CSAT) and agent performance is the general well-being of your contact center agents. A recent ICMI study shows:

Answers to the AI Questions You’ve Been Too Afraid to Ask [Part 1]

Worried about the recent surge of artificial intelligence (AI), Chatbots and our impending botnet overlords? No need. Our sophisticated future tech is here

Answers to the AI Questions You've Been Too Afraid to Ask [Part 2]

What can AI do? What can't it do? AI today falls into a sort-of catchall. Truthfully, AI is in a blank slate mode. The programs today can reach almost

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