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Jon Anderson

12 Years At Home: Tips from a Home-Working Pro

For many, working from home for the foreseeable future will be new. Not me. I’ve been working remotely for 12 years. And unlike most home workers, I’m not worried about children and pets noisily wandering into my conference calls. I live alone. Cabin fever and work focus are bigger tickets to me.

Calculating the Cost-Benefit of Usage-Based and Unlimited Pricing Models

Interest in usage-based pricing has increased over the past year. After all, it seems so easy – pay only for what’s used. And while it might be easy, it isn’t necessarily cheaper. Like with most things, there is a time and place for it. Five9 offers customers both usage-based pricing, sometimes referred to as “per-minute pricing,” as well as concurrent and seat-based licensing.

The Contact Center Market Continues to Recede from On-Premises Systems

The market is seeing the inevitable retreat from premises-based systems in both number and the investments made in them – all while the cost to keep them working increases.

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