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Kevin Gavin

Omnichannel Retail and the Omnipresent Customer

Modern customer journeys are erratic. Customers research and look at products in-store and online. They ask questions in chat windows, through emails, via the phone and in person. They toggle between phones, laptops, iPads and physical stores so rapidly it could make your head spin.

Predictive, Proactive and Personalized: The Must-Haves for Innovative Customer Service

One of the areas of innovation that we focus on is customer experience and it centers on three key words that help Five9 be an innovative leader: predictive, proactive and personalized.

Ringing the Opening Bell at Nasdaq

The Five9 executive leadership team had the honor of joining Five9 CEO Mike Burkland for the ringing the Opening Bell yesterday at the Nasdaq MarketSite in New York City.

Seeing Five9 Through the Lens of a New CMO

I joined Five9 as CMO recently and this is my first post to the Five9 blog. I intend to be a frequent contributor to the blog so for this first post, I’ll share a few observations that seem particularly relevant as I “ramp up to speed” at Five9.

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