Predictive, Proactive and Personalized: The Must-Haves for Innovative Customer Service

By Kevin Gavin, CMO

Traditionally, customer service departments have been slower to adopt change than other areas of business - but today's empowered consumers have higher expectations and businesses need to adopt new technologies and solutions that are readily accessible in order to satisfy modern consumers. It's critical that brands regularly seek innovation and embrace new ideas in order to be cutting edge in the ways they offer service. Customers are becoming increasingly comfortable using technology and they expect customer service agents to be able to deliver seamless, top notch service regardless of the channel they are using - voice, chat, video, social, etc. To cater to these evolving consumer needs and beat out their competition, Five9 customers continue to strive to create exceptional customer experiences.

At Five9, we look to address these ever-changing needs through continuous innovation. One of the areas of innovation that we focus on is customer experience and it centers on three key words that help Five9 be an innovative leader: predictive, proactive and personalized. Today's modern consumers expect that their favorite brands embrace these practices and bring them into each service interaction and Five9 helps our customers deliver in and exceed these customer expectations.

These three P's go hand in hand with innovative customer service. We've already made great strides in enhancing our Virtual Contact Center with predictive, proactive and personalized capabilities in order to enable our customers to make powerful connections with their consumers and its Five9's commitment to continue innovating in these areas.

We are proud that the Business Intelligence Group recognized Five9 for our innovation in customer service in their 2017 BIG Innovation Award program. This program recognizes companies that have brought new ideas to life that have a positive impact on customers. We think that offering a predictive, proactive and personalized customer experience is just the start and there is much more ahead in terms of what a truly seamless and modern brand-consumer relationship looks like. So stay tuned to continue hearing about how Five9 is the leader in contact center technology when it comes to innovation and forward-looking solutions.


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