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Collaborative Intelligence Enhances Customer Experience


Jeff Wartgow
Guest Blog by Jeff Wartgow, Vice President, Product Management at Oracle 


Five9 recently hosted the CX Summit event for EMEA, bringing together analysts, executives, customers, and partners to discuss the latest trends in the contact center space. I had the opportunity to be a panelist for a discussion entitled, "The CX Tipping Point: Where AI and Humans Meet." We had an energetic discussion, throughout the panel, around the game-changing nature of AI and what it means for customer service, contact centers, hybrid/remote work environments, and service agents.

Five9 and Oracle both recognize the importance of strong partnerships. To deliver what our customerscreen cap wants, we pool our resources and maintain focus on our core strengths that we can't deliver without a collaborative effort. Honestly, we can provide more value by working with Five9 than we could by competing with them around voice. The same is true for Five9 in the areas that represent Oracle’s core competencies. As partners, we’re greater than the sum of our parts. 

Together, Oracle and Five9 can provide a differentiated offering that’s rooted in data. Oracle's roots are in data, and Five9 collects so much data in voice that has historically been “dark” or unavailable. Now, through the Five9-Oracle partnership, our companies have teamed to bring that previously unavailable data to the forefront of CX, fueling AI engines that help create predictive, unique, and hyper-convenient experiences. By bringing “dark” data into the light and putting it to work, we can drastically improve customer experience in previously unimaginable ways. 

For example, instead of long wait times, we can now match customers with agents who are best suited to build a long-term relationship. A retail company that sells sporting goods can now route a potential fishing enthusiast to another fisherman who is on the call queue, rather than just sending them to the “next available agent.” Or a young person engaging with a brand on a digital channel may be presented to an agent in her same demographic and may then be presented with modern tools such as video chat or augmented reality, enhancing her experience. These scenarios weren’t readily possible through disconnected systems, but through a partnership like Oracle and Five9, the next-generation of customer service is now a reality. 

Customer experience evolves every year. The brands most likely to survive with success, will do so through continual transformation of their customer journeys, adjusting and experimenting consistently. Taking this into consideration, Oracle and Five9 work together increasing the agility of our solutions, allowing our customers to gain a competitive advantage. 

In the end, this incredible technology ties back to people. I started my career in a contact center, and it wasn’t the modern contact center that exists today. I was stuck at a desk reading scripts with no flexibility or empowerment. As an agent, I was merely an extension of the machine--limiting my ability to make any real customer impact. 

Fortunately, we are entering a golden age of customer service. By drawing data from every interaction and putting it to work, we can use the power of AI to amplify how our agents connect with customers and differentiate these engagements when a customer does require (or prefers) a human interaction. Every customer experience can be spectacular. And we're just getting started, as we have much more coming soon that will showcase the strength of our partnership and continue to prove to our customers that partner-powered customer experiences are better than going it alone. 

To learn more, check out this video about how Oracle and Five9 are better together. Or check out the replay of Five9’s EMEA summit. Oracle is also a proud sponsor of the upcoming Five9 CX Summit. Learn more about the event!


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