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Congratulations to Beth Herman: CRN Women of the Channel 2023

Jake Butterbaugh Five9 Vice President, Global Channel Sales

As summer continues and the heat arrives, the Five9 partner team is not slowing down as we prepare for CX Summit in August. We also love celebrating our women in the channel who have been honored by CRN.

Congratulations to another rock star in our partner team. This week we are highlighting Beth Herman, a leader in growing and nurturing our channel partner program. 

What do you most enjoy about being a Channel Development Director at Five9?

What I love most is the people. I am honored to work with a creative, intelligent, and driven team who always inspires me to be better and do more.

What is the most fun part of any given workday at Five9 for you?  

I have the most fun when we have group meetings to collaborate on how to expand our network of partners.  At Five9 we really strive to bring all aspects of Five9 to our partners – it's about more than sales, it's about long-term value to our customers and partners and by working together we really do deliver on that promise.

What is the key to success for your channel partners in 2023?

The key to success for channel partners in 2023 is to stay focused on their core business while growing their technology portfolio for their clients. They should identify what business challenges their customers are facing, how suppliers can solve them, and best practices to engage with them. Partners cannot expect to be the master of all technologies and will best succeed if they work closely with vendors to help support their growth with clients.

What is your superpower, and how has it helped you build your career?

My superpower is connecting people. I am a true believer in relationship-based business. Maintaining healthy relationships with colleagues and partners has contributed significantly to my success. I maintain relationships by working with integrity. I utilize clear communication to simplify complex situations, making them easier to understand and navigate. I also dedicate myself to being present. I show up for everything and work to exceed the requests of my partners. And I make the job fun! We give so much of our lives to this channel business, so why not enjoy it?

What are you most looking forward to doing this summer?

It is hard to believe August is here. It feels like the year has just started. There are a few highlights on my calendar for the summer, which include TSB Summits (including a very special one in Dallas this first week of August with one of our top partners (Telarus), a new impactful partner education series, and of course dozens of meetings with our amazing channel partners. I also will be moving and setting up our new home in Tarpon Springs, FL. This summer, I promised myself I would make time to get back into the swing of things by playing golf.  I have signed up for lessons with a women’s golf league in my new neighborhood.   FORE!!! 

What is your favorite souvenir you have collected while traveling?

That is an easy one since I recently visited Greece and Italy. My new collection of olive oils and wine will be enjoyed and shared. We collected ceramic tiles from each city we visited to place on a wall in the new house.

Stay tuned for our next blog in this series and learn more about our partner program here

Jake Butterbaugh Five9 Vice President, Global Channel Sales

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