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Congratulations to Jessica Shea: CRN Women of the Channel 2023

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Jake Butterbaugh Five9 Vice President, Global Channel Sales

As Five9 kicks off Q3 and we head into summer, our partners remain top of mind and critical to our success. Five9 has a lot planned for the second half of the year and we are excited to see so many partners at our upcoming CX Summit in Las Vegas next month. 

As we continue highlighting the talented Five9 CRN Women of the Channel, meet Jessica Shea, Five9 Partner Marketing Manager.

What do you enjoy most about being a partner marketing manager?

I love my partners! Getting to spend time getting to know the folks I work with at the organizations with which we partner is my favorite part. The strategy part is great, but building lasting relationships is what I love most.

What is the most fun part of any given workday at Five9 for you?

The most fun part of a workday for me is getting to see the partners I work with. It's a reminder that we are cultivating a partnership for not only our organizations, but with each other as well! 

What is the key to success for your channel partners in 2023?

Five9 "sell with, deliver with, and build with" partnership methodology is the key to our global partners' success in 2023. We appreciate the tremendous growth opportunity in the CCaaS market and engaging our partners to upsell will hugely impact our joint business. Ensuring our partners understand the various facets of our portfolio, such as IVA and Workflow Automation this sentence is missing something; ‘ensuring...results in what? Building awareness of the new Five9 enablement tools - new content on the Five9 Partner Portal, on-demand sales certification, and our Partner Amplify webinar series - will be key strategies to help achieve success. 

What is your superpower, and how has it helped you build your career?

My superpower is my integrity. When I think about how I've gotten to where I am it's because of honest communication and obtaining trust through my commitments. If I say I'm going to do something, I am honest about when and how it will be done. Time and time again, leading with integrity results in building trust with my partners and colleagues. I am a very goal-driven person who truly values earning the trust of my peers and I am very proud of this.

What are you most looking forward to doing this summer?

This summer I am traveling to the UK and Ireland! I'd say that other than the many adventures with family that are planned, I'm most excited to sit down in an English pub, listen to local music, and enjoy a pint.

What is your favorite souvenir you have collected while traveling?

My favorite souvenir is the clay mask I brought back from Mexico. It's a mask molded by the artist's father, and it has very protective energy. He stands guard at the front door!

Curious to learn more about why we are the partner of choice? Learn more here. 

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Jake Butterbaugh Five9 Vice President, Global Channel Sales

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