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Five9 and Invoca: Elevating Customer Experience Through Memorable Moments


by Jennifer Bassik, Senior Director of Growth Marketing at Invoca 

In today’s environment, customers expect quick, seamless journeys filled with memorable moments. This is what creates loyalty and what leading brands want for business. Today, the customer journey is more fractured than ever before. Digitally savvy consumers bounce between devices throughout their day, comparing products and services. Many will even comparison shop online while they’re in one of your brick-and-mortar locations! And, when digital self-service isn’t enough, customers place phone calls for more personalized, reassuring human interactions. 

According to our research, 76% of customers will stop doing business with a company after just a single unpleasant experience. It is critical that you unify your disparate channels and create a cohesive experience for each customer. Failing to do so will lose you their business and could harm your brand’s reputation. 

Over the past year, it’s been incredibly rewarding to grow our relationship with Five9 and combine our two technologies. Partnership is part of the success formula to deliver the ultimate customer experience.  

 “Invoca is a valuable partner for us,” says Genefa Murphy, CMO at Five9. “They help us connect the contact center to the broader business, allowing us to reach more stakeholders and increasing the value we can bring to our joint customers. Having the data Invoca provides helps Five9 to deliver on its promise of creating context aware 'fluid' experiences. We had a great 2022 and we're excited to continue collaborating and driving momentum in 2023!" 

Connecting Digital and Phone Call Center Journeys  

Patience is something consumers no longer have when it comes to calling a business, for a variety of reasons. Enabling you to connect the full omnichannel journey ensures happy contact center agents and consumers. Invoca’s integration with Five9 stitches together online and offline customer experiences in one platform. Businesses receive real-time omnichannel journey insights that become accessible in one place, without disruption to existing systems, while all calls take place. With real-time data, contact call centers can work efficiently seeing any areas for improvement to maintain a happy customer journey.  

Why You Need to Collect Digital Insights from Callers  

Before callers connect with a contact center agent, their digital behaviors are painting a picture of their intent. Collecting this information helps streamline the experience for both the caller and the agent. Invoca’s Conversation Intelligence platform tracks the consumer’s entire digital journey, including keyword search terms, ads clicked, and products viewed on the webpage. This data — collectively known as PreCall — tells agents exactly what callers want and how they can help. 

Conversely, not every call into a contact center requires a live person. The Invoca + Five9 integration provides a value-add to already overwhelmed teams answering phones. Low-value calls asking about parking or store hours can automatically route to the Five9 IVA (Intelligent Virtual Agent), freeing-up agent bandwidth and streamlining the customer experience. 

Intelligently Route Your Calls Based on Digital Intent 

What does this mean to your contact center agents? The PreCall journey data helps agents and consumers have efficient conversations. For example, Invoca can help identify high-value callers from their digital journey and ensure they are connected to the appropriate agent to help close the sale. Or if it’s a customer who is dissatisfied with their service, they can be routed straight to a retention agent to reduce churn. Think of how much time is saved in unnecessary transfers or hold times when the right person answers the call at the right time. 

PreCall data helped the DIRECTV sales team increase close rates by 110%. Read the DIRECTV case study. 

Unifying Your Customer Experience Data Across Your Organization  

Combining Invoca and Five9 provides organizations the ability to unify their data across all departments and teams to create the ultimate customer experience and identify areas to optimize efficiencies. Marketing teams, customer experience leaders, and contact center managers can make smarter, more data-driven decisions. This will ensure you understand your customers on a deep level and know how to meet their needs to increase lifetime value. 

Invoca was honored to receive the 2022 Five9 Global Partner of the Year Rising Star Award last month. We have set our sights on expanding globally and greater synergies with the Five9 sales teams to accelerate.  

Learn more about the Invoca Five9 solution on the Five9 CX Marketplace or on the Invoca website


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