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Five9 and ServiceNow Combine AI Tools to Create Efficiency for Customers and Agents

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Travis DeBell Regional Alliance Manager, Business Development

Meet Maria. She’s a busy, on-the-go business owner and a long-time customer of Solana Bank. Maria is currently in the process of applying for a small business loan and needs to get in touch with a specialist at Solana Bank. She wants to double check that her application was received and confirm its status while she’s running to grab lunch in-between calls. 

Meet Benny. Benny is an artificial intelligence based on the Five9 Intelligent Virtual Agent platform that can work in conjunction with ServiceNow virtual agents to provide the efficient and positive experience that Maria is looking for while she’s on the move. 

Maria’s Digital Experience 


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When Maria calls, she expects to have a natural and engaging conversation with the rep on the other line. She calls into the bank and Benny answers. He quickly verifies Maria’s identity by using her unique biometric voiceprint.  Maria doesn’t have to punch in a number or say anything confidential out loud. In real-time, the AI searches Maria’s record in the ServiceNow Customer Service Management application to see if she has a case open and lets Maria know that there’s a missing document from her business loan application. 

Because Maria is on the go, she lets Benny know she can’t complete that task right now. Immediately, Benny(through ServiceNow virtual agent), texts Maria a knowledge article about the last step in her application process. He also informs her that she’s eligible for a line of credit increase, and that he’ll pass that note along to one of his supervisors. She thanks him, grabs her lunch, and has time to eat before she heads back to the office. 

Now Meet Armand. Armand is a human agent at Solana Bank who has everything he needs in the ServiceNow and Five9 workspace to make experiences for members like Maria great. Today he’s been able to focus on higher priority voice calls with customers while Benny has been expediting quick tasks via chat and SMS.  

Maria’s Human Experience 

Maria gets home from her busy day and is ready to finish the last step in her application for a small business loan. She hops onto Solana Bank’s website and sees that the homepage greeting addresses her by name because she’s been authenticated on the backend with ServiceNow. She pings a virtual agent via the website’s chat bot, who asks her if the knowledge article sent to Maria earlier in the day was helpful. She confirms that it was very helpful but that she’s ready to speak to a live agent to discuss. The virtual agent understands her need, opens a case on the backend, and automatically creates an outbound call campaign for Armand. The chat bot pushes Maria’s contact record into an outbound campaign via Five9 and Armand calls Maria immediately. He’s able to help her with the last bit of her loan application, and she’s all set! 

Because Armand had everything he needed to know about Maria before calling her, including the fact that she’s eligible for an increased line of credit, he efficiently helped Maria with her final stage in the application process and even hooked her up with an increased line of credit. All in all, it was a good day to be a small business owner, an artificial intelligence, and a live contact center agent. 

The Moral of the Story 

This scenario is an example of what customers today now expect from the businesses that support and solve for their needs. Maria was able to have the positive experience she was looking to have, all with an intelligent virtual agent who knew who she was simply because of her voice. When she wanted human help, she got it. Armand knew exactly what she Maria expected before calling her because of the customer journey context that was provided to him, all from a single pane desktop view. 

Whether a customer engages with an IVA or a human service agent, Five9 and ServiceNow know how to ensure that you can provide a great experience. 

About Five9 and ServiceNow 

Five9 and ServiceNow have been partners since 2017 and have seen exponential growth together in the Enterprise. The productized integration to ServiceNow CSM and ITSM ensures stability and future integration capabilities. Five9 was recently certified on ServiceNow’s latest release, Rome.  

To learn more about why you should integrate Five9 with ServiceNow CSM or ITSM, download this infographic.  

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Travis DeBell Regional Alliance Manager, Business Development

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