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How AI can Help Deliver Personalized and Fluid Customer Experiences

Srinivasan Raghavan Senior Vice President of Product Management (AI, Automation & Digital Products)

Build AI platform and products leveraging AI & Automation that includes Agent Assist, Intelligent Virtual Agents, Work Flow Automation, Digital Engagement(Chat & Chatbots, Email, SMS, Video) 

The ways customers engage continue to evolve. There is a huge shift toward self-driven, conversational, and personalized experiences across every channel. For me, a positive experience is the biggest influence on the brands I choose and stay loyal to. Let me walk you through a recent experience with my insurance company.  

About a month back, I was driving back home from work and got a flat tire. I pulled over to a nearby street and wondered if I had roadside assistance from my auto insurance provider. I called the support number and after going through the initial Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) prompts to get help, I asked the IVA if I had roadside assistance. There was an immediate response confirming that I did have roadside assistance, and I got a text from the IVA asking me to share my current location so that assistance could be dispatched. I sent my location and within a few minutes, I got a website link where I filled out a form with my insurance details and emergency contact information.  

Soon after submitting the information, an agent called me to ensure I was safe and that I was getting the help I needed. This is an awesome customer experience, but what made this customer experience so amazing? Multiple reasons made this possible, including:  

  • I was able to communicate with my service provider with my channel of choice  

  • I was able to share rich media in digital interactions  

  • The service provider-maintained context between channels  

  • I was offered seamless omnichannel self-service  

  • The service provider used the best mode of communication to interact with me  

  • My conversations with IVA persisted, and the human agent that called me had all the context of my conversations with IVA and was able to empathize with my situation and make sure that I was getting the excellent service 

Make personalized CX work for real life with Five9

Our product and engineering teams at Five9 have been working hard to embed AI into the Five9 Studio platform and Five9 Messenger products to enable these dynamic interactions that deliver personalized experiences to users. We also deliver multi-modal customer experiences that involve the use of multiple customer touchpoints and channels, such as website, mobile app, email, in-store, and social media, to create a unified customer experience. This type of journey allows businesses to better understand the needs of their customers and provide them with a more personalized experience. By understanding the customer’s needs, businesses can create experiences that are tailored to their individual preferences. This helps to create a more engaging customer experience, as customers feel like they are being catered to. 

We recently announced how you can create these experiences with our embedded AI platform enhancements:   

  • With the Five9 IVA Studio platform, you can use a drag-and-drop visual user interface to design the multi-modal customer experience using Voice, Chat, SMS, Website URL, etc.  

  • You will also have the flexibility to choose between multiple AI Engines (Google, Amazon, IBM etc.) for Speech recognition, and natural language processing based on your specific use case needs.  

  • Once you design the customer experience, you can quickly test and deploy the IVA, which works seamlessly with our Five9 Intelligent Cloud Contact Center platform. This allows the context to be transferred to the agent when the IVA cannot respond to the end user's request.  

  • Our IVA continuously learns and improves accuracy over time with AI Model tuning. The magic of AI is delivering personalized experiences to customers.  

  • Once you design the IVA with our Studio platform, it can be used with multiple customer-facing interfaces, including our Five9 Messenger, Social Messaging (WhatsApp), SMS, and our intelligent cloud contact center platform.  

Here are some screenshots of the Five9 IVA Studio product that show how you can use the drag and drag design environment to create these seamless multi-modal experiences with rich media using Voice, Web page forms, and SMS 










  • Five9 Messenger: We provide out-of-the-box digital experiences with our Five9 Messenger that can seamlessly enable the virtual and human agents to deliver rich media experiences using text, images, website links etc.  


  • Real-time Translation: For our multi-region, international customers, our Five9 Messenger also provides real-time translation so that the end users can chat in the language of their choice while the human agent receives the message translated into the language that they are familiar with.  

  • One of our key insurance customers has used this capability for their English-speaking agents to serve European and Latin American users that speak Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, etc. As a result, agents get the superpower skills of multiple languages!      

  •  Five9 Analytics Platform: With our integrated Five9 Analytics platform, you can also see how the customer journey flows across the IVA and human agents, which allows you to further improve customer interactions. Here’s an example of a Sankey chart that shows the customer journey paths taken form self-service to human service 

And the next time you get a flat tire and get an awesome personalized customer experience from your auto insurance providers, you know how they created this experience for you! I was not only happy with the experience that the auto insurance company delivered to me but also elated that the AI & Automation embedded platform innovations from our team helped deliver these multi-modal experiences! 

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I want to give a huge shout out to our Product Management and Engineering teams that have delivered these innovations in our market-leading platform!   

  • AI, Automation & Digital Product Management Team: Santosh Kulkarni, Kumar Murthy, Minh Bui, Anjali Bagora, Vasu Ramanujaiaha 

  • AI, Automation and Digital Engineering Team: Roger Venning, Chandresh Viradia, Jin Hu, Niall Claridge, Siddharth Tumnapudi, Chun Long Fong, Ke Wang, Ashwin Naidu, Richu John, Cynthia Li, Brian Wang, Ming Xu, Danny Younes, Wesley Ferrell, Alan Biju, Nipun Prabhudesai, Chang Ming Wang, Fei Jian, Nishank Samant, Robert Campbell, Stanislaus Krishna Putra, Yonas Mulyadi, Kexin Xu, Priyanka Wankhede, Afaq Ali, Bharath Devakumar, My Tien Hinh, Chris Hampson, Michael Benkovich, Brian Kim, Pratiksha Garud, Amit Kumar, Oleksandr Piskun, Victor Supryatkin, Timur Shaikhiev, Andrey Tyurin, Ekaterina Utova, Sam McCallum, Sriram Sankaran, Nikolay Belaevski, Peter Guo, Irwin Razaghi, Antony Peter Gabriel, Eric Zhou 

Srinivasan Raghavan Senior Vice President of Product Management (AI, Automation & Digital Products)

Build AI platform and products leveraging AI & Automation that includes Agent Assist, Intelligent Virtual Agents, Work Flow Automation, Digital Engagement(Chat & Chatbots, Email, SMS, Video) 

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