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Five9 Further Enhances AI Platform to Improve Customer and Agent Engagement

Srinivasan Raghavan Senior Vice President of Product Management (AI, Automation & Digital Products)

Build AI platform and products leveraging AI & Automation that includes Agent Assist, Intelligent Virtual Agents, Work Flow Automation, Digital Engagement(Chat & Chatbots, Email, SMS, Video) 

Five9 is laser focused on delivering AI and automation solutions that help optimize customer engagement and contact center agent performance. This means investing in our own AI and automation portfolio and working with partners and customers who want to leverage our platform to bring additional use cases to their customers. 

Building on that mission, we are excited to tell you about the latest enhancements to Five9 Agent Assist and Five9 VoiceStream. These updates include new features designed to help improve the performance of contact center organizations and empower them to make more informed business decisions by analyzing customer conversations.   

Agent, Manager and Supervisor Performance 

Five9 Agent Assist uses Conversational AI and machine learning to transcribe calls, automatically surface helpful information, and provide real-time intelligence and agent coaching, which can dramatically improve the customer experience and agent productivity and create better business outcomes. The latest release of Agent Assist was recently selected as a finalist for the Best of Enterprise Connect Award, and the enhancements to Agent Assist provide powerful benefits for agents, supervisors and managers, and the solution  

For example, AI Checklist is a new feature that will enable businesses to easily create a custom checklist of key tasks for agents to complete during interactions. Agent Assist will then automatically keep track of verbal actions performed, based on the conversation flow defined for agents to effectively handle interactions, and automatically check them off in real time. This helps increase compliance, script adherence and quality scores. It can also be used to more quickly onboard new agents and upskill existing agents, for example, by helping them handle more complex interactions or allowing them to move more easily between support and cross sell / upsell interactions.     

Agent Assist also comes with comprehensive, out-of-the-box, interactive visual dashboards so the leadership teams can monitor, measure, and analyze data on critical KPIs. In addition, teams can easily search and view call recordings, transcripts, and summaries to understand customer and agent intents. It empowers them to drill down and quickly uncover which agents adhere to best practices or go off-script. Managers can take immediate action, identify agent training needs, adjust workflows and update real-time coaching cards. 

“Since deploying Five9 Agent Assist, we have significantly improved employee experience by ramping up new team member onboarding and shortening the training period,” said Serena DeMaiori, Director of Administration at WOW! Smiles. “New team members feel more empowered and confident knowing they have the real-time assistance to guide them if they need it. The new features are great additions that will enable our supervisors to gain immediate visibility into top trends and improve the quality of the conversations.” 

Practical AI – Continuously Learning  

We believe that companies will see the biggest performance gains when humans and machines collaborate and complement each other’s capabilities. To help businesses move beyond simple, siloed automation and harness this ‘collaborative intelligence,’ Five9 is delivering solutions that make AI persistent throughout the customer and agent experience, along with tools that make it easier for contact center teams to build, deploy, train and derive insights from the AI. 

For example, Agent Assist includes a no-code interface that allows contact center teams to rapidly define, train, and deploy AI models with ease. Managers can click to add and remove new intents, enabling them to customize the AI behavior to suit their operational needs. 

The advanced AI engine continuously learns and allows businesses to improve natural language processing performance, which was previously a highly manual and time-consuming process. Using the interface, supervisors can act as a “human-in-the-loop” to review and associate customer questions with proper intents, increasing the accuracy of AI responses and coaching. Teams can easily define events and intents that will trigger real-time coaching cards or checklists to assist agents and drive the best outcomes for the calls. 

More Access to Innovation  

In addition to embedding more advanced AI capabilities into its own solutions, Five9 continues to open its platform to enable third-party innovation. In fact, when it comes to unlocking the next wave of business transformation.

Five9 customers can decide to leverage one or more of the supported VoiceStream partners who have developed accredited integrations with Five9 to deliver real-time agent coaching, voice biometrics, and various real-time speech analytics applications. Those partners - CallMiner, Cogito, Cresta, ValidSoft, VOCI by Medallia, Uniphore and XSELL - can leverage the real time call audio and data sent to them by VoiceStream to deliver their contact center experience-enhancing magic. All it takes is two minutes for customers to create a VoiceStream subscription that specifies which calls and partners they want to enable this for. 

Alternatively, customers can also leverage the new VoiceStream Self Service option to build their own speech processing application or to integrate with other in-house solutions on top of the Five9 platform. Here again, customers can simply create a VoiceStream subscription to configure where they want their encrypted call audio and data sent to. 

With these options, customers no longer have to wait for the end of a call to analyze and gain insights on their contact center performance. Instead, customers can now have the content of what is being said between the agent and the customer analyzed and acted on in real-time to reduce friction in the customer experience, enhance real-time collaborative intelligence, and improve the overall customer and agent experience. 

To learn more about how Five9 Agent Assist is helping enterprises harness collaborative intelligence, read this datasheet.  

Learn more about Five9 VoiceStream, and stay tuned for future blog posts about the new updates. 

Srinivasan Raghavan Senior Vice President of Product Management (AI, Automation & Digital Products)

Build AI platform and products leveraging AI & Automation that includes Agent Assist, Intelligent Virtual Agents, Work Flow Automation, Digital Engagement(Chat & Chatbots, Email, SMS, Video) 

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