Pairing Contact Center and UC Solutions

[Webinar] How to Pair Your Contact Center and UC Solutions (And 3 Big Reasons Why You Should)

Have you ever called a customer support line, waited forever to talk to an agent and no one ever answers? Or you finally get through to someone who seems entirely lost when it comes to your question and has to put you on never ending hold to find the answer? Well this experience rang true for too many of the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) members.

AMAC focuses on protecting the interests of America’s seniors. It’s vital that members of the organization have quick and easy access to information. Prior to Five9, AMAC struggled with a VoIP PBX system that had poor uptime. Paired with their contact center's limited features and functionality, many members were waiting on hold for too long or didn't get through at all. This lack of customer service prompted AMAC to update to a blended Five9 and TetraVX solution. 

On Thursday, September 13th, I will join representatives from TetraVX and AMAC. We will discuss how AMAC was able to resolve their problems by pairing their contact center and unified communications. Plus, we will share their proven results since deploying the new solution in 2017. In this webinar, you will learn how AMAC: 

•          Increased agent productivity and efficiency

•          Decreased issue resolution time

•          Better utilized its marketing capital and resources

If you’re interested in learning more, join us on September 13th! Register here.

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