Using AI to realize tanglible results

How One Company Used an AI Pilot Program to Realize Tangible Results in 3 Months

Isn’t it the best when you feel like you made the right choice? You buy a new driver and when you hit the golf course, you immediately see longer, straighter drives. Or you try a new dish at your favorite restaurant, it’s fantastic, and you’re glad you branched out a bit.

Maybe it’s a choice you make after months of consideration—like buying a new car. Or one you arrive at by happenstance or serendipity, like taking a wrong turn and finding an amazing place to go for a hike. Either way, it’s great when it works out.

However, we all know that when a company chooses a contact center, it’s not by accident or chance. The contact center is a mission-critical part of your business. And, as has become the case in the past year, for many companies it has become the front door of the business. People need help and they opt to reach out to the contact center before a brick-and-mortar visit. And when your customers reach out to your contact center, they expect fast, efficient, accurate and friendly service.

Last year when Covid struck, businesses had to move most, if not all, of their contact center agents home, and TruConnect was no different. However, they quickly realized that they had an issue moving agents home with their existing contact center solution, so they turned to Five9 for help. Once all their agents were working at home, they were just as efficient and motivated as if they were physically at work.

Everything in the TruConnect contact center was humming along and an opportunity arose — a chance to try something new, something out of the ordinary in the contact center. TruConnect was invited to take part in the early adopter program for Five9 Agent Assist to help them reduce the overall handle time, which had become an issue.

Five9 Agent Assist is an application that sits on the agent’s desktop and uses AI, natural language processing, and machine learning to assist agents during and after calls by doing a number of tasks in the background. These tasks include creating real-time transcriptions and summaries and presenting agents with real-time guidance and reminders, as well as real-time knowledge base articles.

Once implemented, TruConnect saw immediate benefits. Agent Assist served as a real-time note-taker, transcribing calls and creating summaries in real time. When each call was complete, the agent confirmed the summary was correct, pushed a button to submit it to the CRM, and moved on to the next customer.

In the first three months, TruConnect saw an overall reduction in handle time of 30 seconds per call due to automated note-taking and summary creation. In the first year, TruConnect is expecting to see a 7.5 percent cost savings in the contact center. And in year two, they expect between 10-20 percent savings through additional automation with CRM for customer look up.

Implementing Five9 Agent Assist wasn’t happenstance or serendipity; TruConnect took a chance on something new, like going off the beaten path or trying a new menu item. And it sure worked out.

To learn more about TruConnect and their story, please read the full case study.

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