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Partners Experience the Five9 Difference at CX Summit


As we approach August, that means one thing and one thing only: It’s time for the Five9 CX Summit in fabulous Las Vegas!   

This year will be the third CX Summit I’ve attended in the US and fourth overall--now that these fantastic events have been expanded to include the EMEA CX Summit held this year in Porto. Babble first partnered with Five9 back in 2018, and I always look forward to Five9 events, as they offer a great chance to learn more about the possibilities the partnership holds, the opportunity to interact with other Five9 partners and customers, and plenty of great conversations with so many of the global Five9 team.  

The first trip I took to meet with Five9, along with Matthew Parker, Babble’s CEO; and Richard Crowther, our technology lead in Babble Contact, was in September 2018. The visit took us to Five9 HQ in San Ramon near San Francisco. It’s important to state that at that point, Babble didn’t have any customers using Five9 and we were very much an unknown entity to one another. The way we were received by the Five9 team during this visit was just different and we immediately knew that Five9 were culturally aligned to Babble and held the same values close to its core. 

During this visit, we held long, meaningful meetings with some simply incredible people whether they be ‘Heads of,’ EVPs, RVPs, or the CEO who made time for us and made us feel welcome in every single meeting. In fact, Five9 President, Dan Burkland, took the lead in looking after us for the full two days, making sure that our visit gave us the information we needed and that we left the US knowing the great potential this partnership had for us and for Five9. Dan took time away from his family and other commitments to host a dinner during our stay to really get to know us and understand how he could personally help this become a partnership that worked for us both. 

It’s been just over four years and there have been many events in addition to the CX Summit. Partners can join Five9 at their January Sales Kickoff, further showing the value Five9 provides its partner ecosystem. These are great events offering the chance to meet with our peers within Five9 and with other partners to talk about how we can work, grow, and celebrate success together as well as keeping abreast of upcoming feature releases and new technology that’s on the roadmap.  

It's been quite the journey since September 2018. Having won EMEA Partner of the Year three times in that period, all I can say is thank you, thank you to all at Five9 who have helped Babble become a big part of your international success. Thank you for being such a great partner to our team at all levels, in all departments. We are truly better together, and I can’t wait to see so many good friends in Vegas in a few weeks to talk about what’s next! 

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Mark Jordan, Babble Guest post by Mark Jordan, Managing Director, Babble


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