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The Phone Number Reputation Strategy that Prioritizes Your Protection

Angela Williams
Angela Williams Senior Product Marketing Manager

If you’re conducting any form of outbound phone call campaigns, regardless of the call reason or call recipient, you’re constantly at risk of having your calls delivered with negative labels like ‘Spam Likely,’ ‘Potential Scam,’ or even ‘Fraud.’ It’s easy to think you’re safe from improper labeling if you only call your existing customers, but this doesn’t exempt you. Negative labeling affects all types of calls, from prescription reminders and delivery alerts to financial communications, security and safety notifications, calls from your hotel, and the list goes on. No industry is targeted or immune to experiencing improper call blocking and labeling events.  

When you’re up against potential spam or scam labels harming the reputation of your outbound phone numbers as well as your business, you’re confronted with many options on how to fix it and protect yourself from a negative call reputation. It’s typically not your fault that you’re being mislabeled as a spam caller, so it’s likely something you don’t know how to deal with daily. Staying on top of the health of your numbers and calling campaigns can be challenging, so Five9 recognizes the need for reputation management and protection with little to no intervention to keep calling your prospects and customers with peace of mind. 

With so many options on how to manage your phone numbers, campaigns, and dialing strategies to maximize success, you may need guidance on where to start when it comes to reputation management. As explored in our previous article, “P ,” there are many solutions and strategies that can be employed to resolve various aspects of poor number health. So why not take advantage of the easy answer? Let Five9 manage it for you so you can get back to the business that matters most to you.  

A Proactive Approach: Number Reputation Management  
If you’re a business using outbound voice communications, improper call blocking and labeling events threaten your customer reach, answer rate, and impression of your brand. Based on our experience, anywhere from 25-60% of your phone numbers are at risk for improper labeling, with an additional 2% of calls, in many cases, rejected before even being delivered. Where number reputation is concerned, quick fixes won’t cut it; but the good news is that you can protect your calls without having to staff a team to address your call reputation issues. 

Ease of Use When Prevention Meets Protection

By registering your phone numbers and verifying your ownership and compliant use of those numbers with the major wireless carriers and analytics engines via Five9, any improper labels currently on your numbers will be removed and protected from then on. Not only will this process prevent most future labels from appearing on your numbers with up to 99.8% protection, but if any pesky labels do appear, the only way to remove them is through a remediation process at the carrier level — which we do on your behalf. With those calling barriers removed, you can dial worry-free, knowing that your numbers are actively protected from labels and remain clean while you use them, without worrying about monitoring, rotating, or resting them.  

Don’t Overlook Improper Call Blocking Events
Unprotected phone numbers may also be subject to improper blocking events, also known as machine rejection, which are more challenging to track and even more complicated to prevent than call labeling. This struggle to establish meaningful connections with customers and prospects means you’re also suffering significant declines in answer rates and having to report on low customer engagement levels. Many options on the market address improper call labeling events, but very few also prevent and protect from improper call blocking events. When you register your numbers with Five9, we advocate for the delivery of the previously blocked numbers and bring them under the protection of our reputation management solution to ensure that your calls are 1) label-free and 2) reaching their intended recipients.  

Be sure to review our Customer Success Book 2024 specifically page 45 for the story on Five9 Number Reputation Management. 

High-Value Phone Numbers

If you hold a lot of value in one or more phone numbers for marketing or other essential call purposes, you may not want or be able to swap that number out, even if it develops a negative call label. High-value numbers are critical for avoiding customer confusion, preventing missed calls and opportunities, and protecting customer satisfaction because they have a relationship built around that phone number. In this case, you need long-term protection of those key phone numbers that guarantee spam labeling and call-blocking protection so your customers can continue to trust and use those numbers as their point of contact for your business. 

Protect Your Calls with Five9

With a proactive approach to the reputation and protection of your phone numbers, you’re ensuring that your numbers stay clean before it’s too late and you have to deal with the constant removal or avoidance of improper spam labels. Five9’s number reputation management solution is designed to alleviate the burden of manual monitoring or daily rotating so you can experience a new level of efficiency and peace of mind through proactive prevention and unlimited remediation of incorrect display.

If you haven’t started an investigation into whether or not call labeling is impacting your ability to connect, reach out today for recommendations on how to get started.  

Angela Williams
Angela Williams Senior Product Marketing Manager

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