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The Real Responsibilities of a Five9 Product Manager

As a product manager at Five9, my family, kids, and friends often ask me what exactly I do for my job. My simple explanation is that I manage a lemonade stand and my job is to ensure that:

  • I make the best lemonade in the neighborhood
  • Charge the right price so I can make my customers happy and for them to keep coming back for more
  • Recommend it to their friends


The other question I get asked a lot about my profession is “What do I need to do to become a product manager like you?” This answer is simple.

Have a deep compassion and empathy when you begin the journey of ideating, writing requirements, and developing a roadmap for your product. But to be successful as a product manager at a leading Enterprise Cloud Contact Center company such as Five9, requires a team and a “family” whom I can trust and share the same values and vision. Ones to improve the lives of our customers and inspire them to love our lemonade so much that they will recommend our lemonade to their friends.

As a product manager, I really don’t have much authority or power in an organization to make things happen and get things done on my own. I rely on working with like-minded folks as a team where we all have the shared vision, compassion, and empathy to ensure we make the lives of our customers better by the products and services we deliver to them each and every day. I love working at Five9 for the very reason that every one-single person, team, organization I collaborate with from sales, professional services, customer support, sustaining, engineers, quality assurance, finance, marketing, operations, I encounter folks with deep compassion and empathy to ensure delivery of excellent products and services to our customers

We are just one big happy, fun lemonade stand that knows how to make the best lemonade and keep our customers coming back for more. I highly encourage you to join our lemonade stand. Clear eyes, full heart is a must-have to join this team at Five9!

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