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Danny Wang

Engaging Your Customers’ Digital Culture as a Strategy for Growth

As your customer base grows or when they adopt new messaging trends, you want to be on an agile and open cloud contact center platform that can add these channels as simply as your customers can download an app on their mobile device. Learn more:

A Family Tale of Many Channels

My mom and sister are representative of the modern consumers. My mom is the goldilocks mobile device user. My sister, on the other hand, uses her smartphone to search, engage, and acquire goods.

The Future of Smart Enhancements for Omnichannel Engagement Experiences

The idea behind Amazon Alexa is to remove the friction of manipulating and managing our ever-growing set of devices that drive our connected lives, and let our voices drive our every wish.

The Real Responsibilities of a Five9 Product Manager

As a product manager at Five9, my family, kids, and friends often ask me what exactly I do for my job.

20 Tips For Successful Chat and Email Implementations, And Key Omnichannel Facts

Here are 20 tips for chat and email, and a few industry omnichannel facts to keep in mind for implementation.

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