5 Customer Experience Pitfalls to Avoid w/ Darryl Addington

5 Customer Experience Pitfalls to Avoid w/ Darryl Addington

There are a lot of places your team can drop the CX baton. From the website to the phone. From the social post to the website. From the product search to the purchase.

You can drive yourself crazy worrying about all of the potential hiccups.

Before you do that, check out the 5 CX pitfalls Darryl Addington, Director of Product Marketing at Five9, lays out for us:

1. Failing to establish a customer care culture.

Create an environment to teach your employees how to provide good customer care.

2. Not having an omnichannel strategy.

Omnichannel is at the heart of CX today.

3. Neglecting to use information from calls.

Pay attention to your call center analytics.

4. Lacking in agent support.

Support your people and they’ll support your customers.

5. Not listening to the customer.

C’mon! Create that feedback loop. Your business depends on it.

Starting with these 5 potential CX pitfalls to avoid should give you a headstart on improving your customers’ experience!

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