Fixing Customer Service w/ Rowan Trollope

Fixing Customer Service w/ Rowan Trollope

“Organizations are spending $275B a year as an industry to deliver an experience that a lot of times, most people don’t like. That feels like an opportunity to me.” 

These are words that you want to hear from your CEO. 

Rowan Trollope, CEO of Five9, and was our special guest in our most recent episode of the That’s Genius! podcast. 

When he first came into the role, he shared a quote: 

“I believe that the contact center is going to change more in the next 5 years than it has in the past 25.” 

How has it changed in the past 25 years? Other than some tech, it really hasn’t. At least not according to Rowan. We’re still solving the same problems. Customers have the same questions. 

The turnover rate is still roughly the same (12 months on average, 18 months if you’re lucky) so the customers always seem to be dealing with someone new. 

What’s changing moving forward? Two big things, among others, both in the field of AI: 

1. Automatic speech recognition. 

Computers are becoming able to understand human speech at the level that humans can understand it. 

2. Deep learning with natural language processing. 

Not just recognizing speech, but analyzing it. Making sense of a conversation. 

What else lies in store?

Listen to the entire episode to hear more from Rowan, here.

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