The Challenge & Solution for Next Generation Customer Service

By Sabine Winterkamp, Senior Director of Marketing EMEA

The contact centre market is undergoing a major evolution. Moving from complex, legacy, on-premise, multi-vendor technologies to easy to use, all-in-one solutions in the cloud. These cloud-based solutions are delivering the same capabilities and functionalities as traditional on-premise solutions - with a lot of additional advantages and fewer investments.

Traditionally, businesses started with an on-premise contact centre. Back in the day, this seemed to be the best choice for a contact centre since they had everything in house and with this, they "had the control." It sounded great at the time, but if you take a closer look into this; it is a very pricey and time-consuming approach.

There are many expensive upfront investments into hardware and infrastructure, high annual maintenance costs to keep up with latest release versions, long deployment periods, limited scalability, and IT backlogs - not to mention the lock-in with one vendor. Not only did the contact centre invest a fortune this way, they also had to plan to invest in resources one year later for a new generation of hardware.

The challenge: Eventually, when working with premise-based technology, you will have difficulty keeping up with the highly competitive market and ever-changing demands of your customers.

The solution: With a cloud-based contact centre, an entity other than the actual business supports hardware and infrastructure. This frees up resources so that the business will be able to spend more time supporting agents, driving productivity, agent satisfaction and nurturing customer engagements.

Great customer service is the key to increased customer retention and loyalty for any company. The contact centre is the central hub of customer engagement, regardless of the preferred channel of the customer. The customer also has the option to use a variety of channels through their journey.It is now more important than ever to deliver the best possible customer service by being where your customers are, to increase loyalty, create upselling opportunities and increase agent productivity - all while keeping service costs under control. The customer is driving the next generation of customer service. Cloud-based solutions give contact centres the flexibility they need to meet their customers where they are, while keeping up with their demands.

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