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What is Your Customer Engagement Priority?

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By Paul Thomas, Managing Director EMEA

We all care about customer experience, customer journey and excellent customer service. But how can you ensure that your business can deliver on these changes and keep consumers loyal to your business and brand?

Businesses benefit from learning deep insights about what happens during every single customer interaction. Learning the answers to questions such as: What is the customer's behavior? What does the agent experience look like? Does the agent have all the tools in place to serve the customer in a good way? You can easily extend this by asking: How is the customer treated by other departments, e.g. questions back to finance, sales or operations using other communication channels?

To get answers to the complicated world of customer engagement you will need advanced reporting and analytics functionality. This is the key to gain those deep insights that will help define the priorities for your customer service team. Your customer experience objectives should prevail here, not technology.

How to prioritize? Harvard Business review recently suggested a tiered approach on this:

  • Eliminate customer pain points: No question, every customer interaction should be as smooth and seamless as possible. If any type of engagement causes user frustration, then your priority must be to improve here first, which may involve upgrading to new technology.
  • Advance customer service: If there are no obvious problems, the next priority is to identify ways of improving your existing service, e.g. reduce the average call wait times below an acceptable threshold.
  • Personalize wherever you can: Adding personalization into the customer experience should be your next step. Customized add-on services based on in-depth analytics could be a potential application.

We at Five9 work closely together with partners such as CallMiner to provide businesses actionable insight to help organisations improve their customer interactions on every level - from the call center to marketing to operations, throughout the whole company - all to make the customer service even better.

Do you already know your customer interaction pain points? If not, let us help you to find them and define your optimization priorities. As our joint solution is available 24x7, out of the cloud it's no question that this can start immediately for you.


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