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Where Did That Potential New Customer Go?

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Peter Milligan Senior Product Marketing Manager

Customer: “Hi, I’m looking at your web site researching a new road bike. I love being on my bike and your brand was recommended to me, so I thought I would take a look. Great stuff here.”

Agent: “Glad you like what you see. Which bike are you interested in?”

Customer: “The X6000. I’m 6 feet tall and weigh 195. Is that a good model for me?”

Agent: “Yes, (pause) I think so (pause). Wait, let me look at the specs (pause again). I haven’t personally sold many of these. This is a really nice road bike.  I can tell you the price, colors it comes in and walk you through the accessories.”

Customer: “That’s fine, but I really want to know if this bike can be sized for me before I go much further with the details.”

Agent: “OK, let me get those specs and I’ll call you right back.” (dial tone)

Where did that potential new customer go? I’ll tell you where they went. To your competition.

One of the most important measurements in the contact center that impacts customer experience is first call resolution (FCR). This is the ability to answer a customer’s question about your product or service the first time they contact your business.

Obviously this agent did not have the information they needed at their fingertips, nor did they know where to find it. But, what if they had a lifeline, someone to call that could help them, a person that is an encyclopedia on the specs for the X6000. I bet there is someone in their company who knows this information. The issue, how do you find them, quickly to answer the customer in a timely and accurate manner.

The Five9 UC Integration with Microsoft Teams is the answer. Right on the agent’s desktop is a directory of subject matter experts (SMEs) throughout the company, sorted by department. Now when an agent needs the help of a SME, they can quickly identify the right expert and click to call them, conference with them, or transfer the call.

If the manufacturer of the X6000 implemented the Five9 UC Integration with Teams the outcome would have been much different. They would have resolved that call the first time, increased their revenue, empowered their agent (who would get commission on the sale), and gained a happy, loyal customer ready to promote their brand.

It’s a win for the customer, it’s a win for the agent, and it’s a win for your business.  

To learn more from Microsoft about Five9 integration with Teams, click here.

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Peter Milligan Senior Product Marketing Manager

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