Why Five9: Hear From Our Summer 2020 Interns

Why Five9: Hear From Our Summer 2020 Interns

Five9 takes pride in our growing summer internship program. Through opportunities such as lunch and learns with our CEO and a comprehensive guest speaker program, we provide our interns with a wholistic professional experience that is enriching not only to their careers but to their own personal goals. Just a few weeks in and our interns have contributed directly to the company while learning from different departments throughout Five9. 

To welcome our Summer 2020 Interns, we asked them why they chose Five9 and how they have begun to interact with the goal-setting and collaborative aspects of our Fiveculture as they start their virtual internships. 

Why did you pick Five9 as your summer internship? 

I was really interested in the Five9 product itself, especially during the pandemic. Many companies are changing their work from home policies, so the opportunity to contribute to this transition to remote work excites me! Additionally, I am happy that they had an Associate Product Manager position so that I could learn from and work with experienced and talented product managers. - Amanda Zhu, Associate Product Manager Intern 

I initially had a friend who interned last year who loved her time here. She raved about her experience. Upon interviewing with my team, I realized how inviting and welcoming the company is. I thought it was the perfect place for me to learn and grow in the tech industry. - Mya Hauck, Program Management Intern 

What goals do you have for your time at Five9? 

During my internship, I plan to explore opportunities. I believe exploration is essential at this point in my career to have a better understanding of which direction of design I would like to go in. I am excited to embrace challenge to grow as a designer but also grow with Five9. - Julia Guidi, Graphic Design Intern 

I want to learn about the processes behind working in software engineering teams and figure out what technologies are being used. - Kevin Kochpatcharin, Software Engineering Intern 

One of the main goals I had for this internship was to establish a strong set of front-end programming skills to solidify a good portion of my programming and business reputation. I did not really have a goal to complete one type of project specifically, but to complete as much as I could within the time frame the company had given me. That was what I viewed as the most beneficial contribution I could make towards the company and the most beneficial to me as it would allow me to take on multiple perspectives in the business industry. - Nikhil Vudatha, IT Intern 

How have you been connecting with your co-workers through your virtual internship? 

My coworkers have the best humor! Which puts me on ease and makes it 100X easier to connect with them. We also utilize Slack and Zoom where small conversations are welcome as long as we don't digress from our daily goals. Some of my coworkers also share with me other cool Slack channels like the Five9Dogs Slack channel where it houses hundreds of adorable dog pictures! -Tria Villanueva, HR Operations Intern 

Virtual internships bring their challenges, and I’m grateful for how dynamic and adaptable Five9 has been given the circumstances. To make the most of my internship, I’m taking initiative and talking with different members of the finance organization, sending impromptu Slack messages and setting up quick Zoom chats. I’ve met some great people so far, and their advice and perspectives have been invaluable! - Arnav Gupta, Finance Intern 

As Five9 grows as a company, our internship program has become representative of the innovative and exploratory spirit that is crucial to the culture at Five9. We look forward to witnessing the achievements of our latest group of interns and hope to empower them to make the most out of their virtual internships this summer! 


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