Five9 Summer Interns

Celebrating the Five9 Class of 2020 Summer Interns!

As the end of summer approaches, Five9 is proud of all that our interns have accomplished during their 12 weeks at Five9! Summer at Five9 wouldn’t be the same without our interns, and though their internships were virtual, the contributions they made to the company had an impact beyond the screen. To celebrate our Summer 2020 Interns, we asked them to look back on their Five9 Internship experience. Here are the highlights! 


Finance Intern 

Most likely to get excited by an Excel spreadsheet 

"I've loved learning from people around me and feel more confident in my own work!” 

Biggest Accomplishment: “I'm proud of the work I did on various financial automation projects, and I'm sure that it'll help operations run more smoothly for many years to come!


Software Engineer Intern 

Most likely to commute to work

“I loved interning at Five9 because I was able to connect with my managers, fellow interns, and fellow engineers!"

Biggest Accomplishment: “I’ve become a much better software engineer through practice, training, and learning with my team.” 


Integrated Marketing Intern 

Most likely to never allow an awkward silence during an intern hangout 

"I loved interning at Five9 because everyone truly cares about one another at this company which made me feel very motivated and loved. 

Biggest Accomplishment: My proudest achievement from my internship is my professional growth. I have learned so much about how to interact professionally with various individuals from both within Five9 and from outside the company and have grown so much in my professional communications skill set. 


Software Engineering Intern


Most likely to make long distance friends 

Virtual internship? Virtually no commute. 

Biggest Accomplishment: “I am proudest of watching a tool I made actually be used in production.


Professional Services Intern

Most likely to try to talk on a Zoom call not knowing they are muted. 

"I love interning at Five9 because of the people and how much I've grown! 

Biggest Accomplishment: “I am proudest of working on a project that will have a lasting impact on the company and will help my team. 


Graphic Design Intern 

 Most likely to send you song links to jam to during the work day 

“Interning at Five9 has been an amazing career growth experience. I felt that my voice truly was heard as an intern and had a mentor that valued my curiosity for all things design.” 

Biggest Accomplishment: “I am most proud of being able to adapt to the brand identity of Five9 in a short period of time while getting to work on projects that actually went live. Overall, I was able to define my career path as a graphic designer!"


Associate Product Manager Intern


Most likely to move cross-country in the middle of a global pandemic 

"I've done quite a few internships, and Five9's (even though it was virtual), is my absolute favorite - I love how much responsibility I have and how much of an impact I can make with my own ideas!” 

Biggest Accomplishment: “I am most proud of owning the entire provisioning portal as part of the new cloud train, which will hugely impact how we release new products in the future! 


VoIP Software Engineering Intern 

Most likely to have a cat interrupt a Zoom meeting 

I loved interning with Five9 because despite the challenges of lockdown I was still given the chance to participate in this internship opportunity with an amazing company and apply the skills I have learned in school to an actual workplace environment. (Special thanks to the TA team for making this experience a great one). 

Biggest Accomplishment: “I am proud that I was able to learn so many new concepts and systems in such a short amount of time and was able to contribute on a team to actual software development projects.


Professional Services Intern 

Most likely to break their hand during the first week of their internship 

I love interning at Five9 because I work with awesome people.” 

Biggest Accomplishment: “The thing I am most proud of doing during my internship is building a new SharePoint Site for Professional Services. 


HR Operations Intern 

Most likely to help when you're overwhelmed 

Five9 makes me feel like a successful adult who owns a house and 3 dogs. 

Biggest Accomplishment: “I am proud of the ideas I contributed in our HR Ops team! Especially the ones that came to life in our SharePoint site. 


Communications and Social Media Intern 

Most likely to listen to the Five9 podcast 

“Five9 provided a place that I could not only excel in my professional goals but also a place where I found endless support and encouragement! I am glad to look back on the summer and see tangible contributions that I made to the company and to think of all the friends I made.” 

Biggest Accomplishment: “While at Five9, I was able to hone my own professional voice through bringing the company’s voice to social media. 

Thank you to our Summer Interns for a great summer! To learn more about working at Five9, check us out on Glassdoor! 


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