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[PODCAST] 2020: Customer Experience and the Contact Center

That's Genius! Podcast

The contact center is the front door to every eCommerce business. And, you typically only get one chance to answer that door with a fantastic experience or risk losing that customer for good.

In 2019, we talked a lot about the customer experience, the human experience, and how contact centers are increasingly the make-or-break factor in whether or not retail survives.

In 2020, we’ll continue that conversation, as well as continue the conversation of how technology like AI is uniquely poised to help contact centers bring a new level of service, empowering agents and customers alike.

This year, we want to hear from you.

Who do you want to hear from that is setting the bar for incredible customer experiences?

What are the pressing contact center issues you want to talk through with industry leaders?

We want your no-holds-barred AMA questions for our Five9 CEO, Rowan Trollope, and CTO & Head of AI, Jonathan Rosenberg.

Send through your questions, comments, and suggestions for the show on Twitter: @MWRoseGlobal or @Five9.

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