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[PODCAST] Answering the Call to Amplify Your Voice w/ Jeff Woodland

[PODCAST] Answering the Call to Amplify Your Voice w/ Jeff Woodland

Remember snatching the phone off the wall in the kitchen when you were a kid? What was so exciting about getting a call?

Being surprised by who was on the other end. Whoever it was, they probably came from within your world and had a reason to call you.

Now, people carry their phones everywhere they go, but 87% of them won't answer a call unless they know who it's from.

If no one's answering their phone, how can you get in touch?

Sure, there's email, social media, text, and other channels. But the human voice remains the most intimate communication tool we've got.

When everyone is still trying to figure out new ways to do business in this really strange environment, we need to communicate with our customers voice-to-voice more than ever.

But how?

I recently (virtually) sat down across the podcast mic from Jeff Woodland, Director of Vertical Marketing at Five9, to talk about outbound calling and customer relationships. Here's a snapshot of what he said:

  • Companies that have their contact center in the cloud and scalable are thriving.

  • Google is working in partnership with Five9 to create a verification caller ID for corporate callers.

  • If you want to be part of the beta program for this verification image, contact Five9 now. 


You can listen to the whole interview with Jeff, here.