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[PODCAST] Emerging Trends in Customer Experience and the Contact Center w/ Zeus Kerravala

That's Genius! Podcast

One bad experience. That’s all it takes to lose the loyalty of the modern buyer. And, unfortunately, most of those bad experiences can be directly linked to a lousy customer service encounter.

Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst at ZK Research, is an incredible industry analyst and firmly believes the contact center can be at the forefront of great customer experiences.

More than ever, consumers have both voice and choice of where they shop, and it’s the perfect storm for acceleration of the contact center. With few second chances being given following a bad customer experience, the contact center and its agents are more important than ever.

Through the use of AI, consumers can solve their simple problems quickly, with less agent contact. For the more complex issues, live agents need to be more informed and equipped to provide excellent service.

Zeus says we’ll see more and more automation, but assisting agents to be better at their job is the first wave of contact center AI.

At the end of the day, people are best at empathy, while AI is best at sifting through data. 

Says Zeus, “Use machines for what they’re good at and use people for what they’re good at.”

Hear more of Zeus’s outlook for the future of the contact center, here.