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[PODCAST] Prioritize People and Humanize Your Business w/ Nick Delis

That's Genius! Podcast

How many nights a year do you stay in a hotel? For a lot of us, not many.

For Nick Delis, who was a guest on the That’s Genius! podcast recently, the answer is over 150 nights. Half the year. 

So it makes sense that Nick would have a thing or two to say about customer service, and which brands are doing it well, and which ones are falling short. 

After all, he’s elite status on 2 different airlines, and one major hotel chain, and with that comes a certain level of expectation of customer service. 

Not that he feels entitled to anything, but when a brand does notice and make a big deal, it goes a long way. 

“Even something as small as a jar of almonds or a bottle of water in my hotel room makes a huge difference.” 

So what is the key? How does a brand set itself apart? People. 

“You grow a business by putting people first. Not the bottom line. You put people first, and the bottom line will get taken care of. You remember that humans are at the foundational level of every interaction with a company.” 

In a world where the customer not only has a voice, but also a choice, it would do every business well to remember to keep people at the center. 

Listen to the whole interview with Nick here.