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[PODCAST] Welcome our new CMO w/ Genefa Murphy

That's Genius! podcast with Genefa Murphy

The latest episode of “That’s Genius!” is a very special one. In our latest episode, we got to sit down and talk with our newest executive, Five9 Chief Marketing Officer, Genefa Murphy.

Genefa has one of the more unique marketing career journeys we’ve seen in a while, so we had to have her on “That’s Genius!” to pick her brain.

So what sort of things did we discuss on the show? 

We talked about:

  • What attracted her to Five9 (spoiler alert: she loves the chance to scale and grow an organization.) 

  • The most surprising thing she learned in her first few weeks at Five9 (she was shocked at how many customers have yet to migrate to the cloud.) 

  • The work culture here at Five9, and how unique it is among the places she’s worked. 

  • What drives her passions for marketing (innovating, iterating,and trying new things.) 

We also learned about her favorite books, authors, how she likes her pasta, and what her biggest focuses are going to be going into 2021. 

Join us in welcoming Genefa to the Five9 team, and get to know her by listening to her episode here.