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Improve CX and Agent Productivity by Closing the Metrics Gap

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Kim Austin Sr. Content Strategist

Chances are your contact center runs key metrics on agent performance and on customer satisfaction. But does it seem that no matter how many numbers you track, your organization struggles to meaningfully improve CX and inspire better agent performance? One reason for this is what’s called a metrics gap – the space between collecting metrics and turning them into actionable change. We worked with the team at Metrigy to identify ways you can build a bridge to close the gap.  

What Are Others Doing?  

According to Metrigy’s research, contact centers are split into nearly thirds when it comes to what they do — or don’t do — with their data:  

  • 38% gather feedback, but do nothing with it 

  • 36% gather feedback and analyze data, but do not act on the information 

  • 26% gather feedback, analyze the data, and take action in a continual lifecycle approach 

Nearly everyone gathers data. There is little argument around the fact that doing so is standard business practice.  

Contact centers need to monitor both customer experience and agent performance to have the data needed to correlate agent behavior, technical system challenges, and customer experience. Further, service leaders need a continual lifecycle approach of gathering data, analysis, action to improve and catch areas that may be impacting CX and agent performance. 

The downsides of not using the data to its fullest start with wasting the resources it takes to gather it. But beyond that you’re risking missed opportunities and potential damage to existing customer relationships. And the upsides of a lifecycle approach? 

  • Better agent and customer experiences 

  • Technology and operational improvements 

  • Potential to create competitive advantage 

What Metrics Matter Most?  

Contact centers track a variety of customer satisfaction metrics, with customer-effort score taking top rank as the most important. On the agent side, it’s first-call resolution that ranks highest. Between the two, 85% of organizations prioritize customer satisfaction over agent productivity.  

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The question becomes: Are these the right metrics to track to improve results? And are you using them in the right way? For example, contact centers are constantly evolving with digital interaction options. Do you measure all channels in the same way? It turns out that 88% of organizations are using the same KPIs, regardless of channels. But is that realistic? There’s a lot to consider. 

Rethink Your Strategy to Close the Metrics Gap  

We believe that there are combinations of metrics that can provide deeper insight into the cause-and-effect of agent performance and customer experience.  

Get the big picture by downloading the Closing the Metrics Gap infographic. 

To learn more about these metrics are and how you can close the metrics gap, download Metrigy’s free report.   

Five9 Reporting enables contact centers to easily and efficiently track metrics that matter with comprehensive dashboards, reports, and visibility into the complete picture of CX and agent analytics.  

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Kim Austin Sr. Content Strategist

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