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Kim Austin

Improve CX and Agent Productivity by Closing the Metrics Gap

Many CX leaders are facing a metrics gap – the space between collecting metrics and turning them into actionable change. We worked with the team at Metrigy to identify ways to close the gap.

Contact Center Horror Stories

If you’ve ever worked in a contact center, you know that challenging customer behavior isn’t seasonal. But since October is a month of spooky and frightful things, we thought you might enjoy a few horror stories from the contact center realm.

Dare to Reimagine: A Conversation on CX with Shep Hyken

How do you create customer amazement and bring people back to your business again and again? A good person to ask would be Shep Hyken, who officially holds the title of Chief Amazement Officer. So, we did. In the first episode of the Dare to Reimagine podcast, Five9 Chief Marketing Officer Genefa Murphy talks with Shep Hyken, practitioner, speaker, and New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author.

How Consumer Preference and CX Have Changed since 2019

Since 2019, contact centers and customer-service functions had to quickly—and significantly—adapt as more of our daily lives moved to remote and online models. So, how did consumers rate their experiences?

What Makes a Good Customer Experience in 2021?

You have a hefty list of choices when it comes to identifying ways to improve the experience for your customers. New interaction technologies, improved workforce management, better use of data — the technology is always evolving and providing new opportunities to explore and implement.

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