What is meant by an Engagement Capacity Gap?

What is an Engagement Capacity Gap?

Businesses today are in a tough place. Organisations must manage the increasing number of interactions and channels while balancing customer and employee expectations. Meanwhile resources tend to remain flat or even decrease. 

When it comes to creating enduring customer relationships, there’s a gap between what organizations need to do and the resources they have available to actually do it.  We, at Verint, call this “the Engagement Capacity Gap.”

It’s a problem that stands to get worse over time, and it impacts customer and employee experience.

How can we help our contact center employees?

Four common concerns keep surfacing in our conversations with customers about their employees when asked, namely:

  1. How do I get the right information from my team leader and work with my team effectively?
  2. Can I work in the way and at the time I need?
  3. How can I keep track of my performance?
  4. Am I at a disadvantage balancing office-based and home-based/remote work?

Verint wizardry (embedded within certain Five9 WFO technologies) helps organizations “rewire” the way in which they engage with their customers and employees. Our customer engagement platform works across the enterprise, breaking down barriers.

The latest version of our mobile app is just one example. Running on the employees’ phones, it gives them insight to manage their day, schedule and keep an eye on their own performance.

The app lets them view and swap their shift, request overtime, book time off and view KPIs and goals. Superb tools support a hybrid workforce in a super-friendly way that give the desired flexibility for a work/life balance.

This simple approach—publishing shifts and giving employees control over their time—really works. It drives up engagement while helping them to thrive and feel part of the organization, even when they are remote from the office.

It’s proven extremely popular in the field. One Verint customer has 620 agents and 68% of their staff actively using the app to garner feedback along these lines:

“Loving the app. It makes it easier to remember when I work and request time off when I don’t have access to the computer at work.”

“It is also very handy for checking your schedule for making appointments or planning things when at home to look at your schedule for future time.”

“I just got back from not working for a week and it was very nice to be able to go on there and double check what my shift was for my first day back.”

We know that happy, engaged agents drive positive customer experiences, and these simple Workforce Optimisation (WFO) technologies really can give your business a razor-sharp edge.

Please contact Verint directly here to find out more and don’t miss our session at the upcoming Forrester CX EMEA event!

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