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3 Tips for Getting Your Contact Center on the Nice List

The holiday season is in full swing! During this time of year, customers are likely to feel extra pressure from the holiday seasons. Extended family visiting, finding the perfect gift for a loved one and all the time commitments of holiday festivities can add even more stress. 

To stay on customers’ Nice List, the key is to ensuring exceptional customer service. Today, 86 percent of consumers quit doing business with a company because of bad customer service. Moreover, a pleasant experience can turn a frustrated customer into a loyal one.

As the weather cools down and your contact center heats up, keep your customers merry with these tips:

Get Your Elves Ready: First and foremost, set your agents up for success. Your holiday support agents are taking on a huge task. It’s important to give them the training, tools, technology, and positive environment they need to do their job effectively. When the holidays are in peak season, customers don’t want to deal with inefficient customer service.

In fact, 48 percent of customers are unlikely to do business with a company if they have to identify themselves or repeatedly explain their issue every time they contact a company. Arming agents with the right tools and training, will help them feel empowered to give great customer service and the support to effectively meet the customers’ needs.

Put Yourself in the Customers Stockings: As mentioned earlier, customers can be more disgruntled during the holidays due to extra stress. Be patient and put customers at ease by efficiently responding to customer queries. Communication is key – even if the problem has yet to be solved. 

As proven by our latest Five9 Customer Service Index, 44 percent of people are willing to spend more time with a customer service agent if they receive the right answer or relevant information. Understand that your customers have a lot going on this holiday season, and do your best to fill their needs in a timely manner.

Making Customer Spirits Bright: Nothing frustrates customers more than not having access to customer service when they need it or on the channels they prefer. To ensure you are meeting all your customers’ holiday needs, make sure your contact center offers omnichannel support. Whether it is phone, chat, email or social, it’s important your agents are available to keep your customers’ merry and bright.

With these tips, this holiday season can be your best yet!


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